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    * News sources 
    * Objectivist/Randite/Libertarian people and institutions 
    * Software 
    * Bookstores 
    * Camping equipment 
    * Miscellaneous Shopping 
    * General Reference 
    * Medicine and International Pharmacies  Sep03 
    * Language Translation 
    * Science Information 

 * News sources
   BusinessWeek - Business news
   Forbes - Business news
   NYTimes/Reuters - Business news
   cnet - News and technical info about the computer industry

 * Objectivist/Randite/Libertarian people and institutions
   L. Neil Smith 
   David King 
   Nathaniel Branden
   Barbara Branden
   Wendy McElroy
   David Friedman
   Russell Madden 
   Peter Saint-Andre 
   The Atlas Society 
   Importance of Philosophy
   The Objectivist Living Forum
   Rebirth of Reason
   Movies and TV shows selected by libertarians 
   Free Radical
   Reason Magazine
   The Anti-Federalist Papers

   The Thomas Jefferson School
   The Cato Institute 
   The Ayn Rand Institute (Leonard Peikoff)

   Jeff Chan's list of Libertarian links
   Objectivism links in Yahoo
   Bomis links to Objectivist sites

   Liberty Penguin
       The Liberty Penguin lapel pins are available here. A penguin 
       holding up the torch of liberty. These are cute little critters,
       and cost only a few dollars. 
   Liber-Tees - Cute stuff on good-quality T-shirts 

 * Software
   Many links to Shareware sources 
   The Simtel Shareware archive 
   The Garbo Shareware archives     Fetch a file from Garbo
   The Learning Company - Educational material to use with your computer
   Icons and graphics for HTML files 
   brothersoft download site 

 * Bookstores
   Amazon Excellent for Books, Music, Video
   Laissez Faire
   Liberty Tree
   Science News
   Bookfinder - A very nice used-book locator

 * Camping equipment
   Sierra Trading Post
   LL Bean
   Cheaper Than Dirt
   Sportsmans Guide
   US Cavalry 
   Brigade Quartermasters

 * Miscellaneous Shopping
   Bicycles and Tricycles 
   bizrate has a nice product search
   J&R jandr Electronics 
   Cyberguys - computer stuff 
   Staples - paper, envelopes, etc. 
   Dr. Leonard's and Carol Wright
   JC Penney 
   Harriet Carter
   Music Store     Video Store
   PBS   NPR Music
   Dickies - work clothes
   Sheplers - western clothes
   Southwest Indian - beautiful jewelry
   Radio Shack
   JC Whitney - Car parts and accessories
   Northern Tool & Equipment
   Harbor Freight
   Surplus Center
   Links1 to Surplus Vendors
   Links2 to Surplus Vendors

 * General Reference
   The four11 people search 
   Superpages national phone book 

   Thomas Register of businesses


   A library of 20000 books for downloading
   The Internet Public Library

 * Medicine and International Pharmacies  Sep03
   Medical Information from NIH        Medical Information from DHHS
   Medline by the US National Library of Medicine
   Dictionary of medical terms 
   Information about drugs    Shipping by registered mail    Shipping by registered mail

 * Language Translation

 * Science Information
   The Periodic Table
   SCIENCE - The journal of the AAAS
   Nature magazine
   Selected articles from Science News magazine
   Selected articles from Scientific American magazine
   News about science research
   News about biotechnology
   about chemistry
   Scientific references
   Science Information from the Mad Scientists
   Ask the experts at Scientific American 
   The Contemporary Physics Education Project
   Math History

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