Doug Buchanan

Douglas L. Buchanan, beloved husband of Ilo, left peacefully for his next adventure on 7 February 2012, with his wife at his side as he began his journey. A brilliant thinker and gifted epistemologist, Doug wrote significant works on the ethics of government’s use of force, on the evils of murder disguised as warfare, and on the contradictions of armed robbery by taxation.

Doug was a well-known Alaska Alpinist, and a champion of free access for climbers to public lands. Doug Buchanan’s contributions to climbing, the culture of climbing, and to the causes of individual liberty will continue to resound through the minds of thinking people around the Earth, where he is widely read and discussed among other climbers, philosophers, and students of his works, as well as a few other thinkers. A mirror of Doug’s unhacked web sites can be found at

Doug’s primary website for climbers is I know you climbers will enjoy exploring around through Doug’s web sites.

Thinkers will want to visit and, and will enjoy exploring around as well.

Memorials are suggested for the Alaskan Alpine Club, 1957 Weston Drive, Fairbanks, AK 99709 or the charity of your choice. A celebration of Doug’s life was held in Fairbanks on 19 May 2012, as well as other celebrations on the East Coast, Helena Montana, Yakima Washington, Lander Wyoming, and various other locations at various times.

Douglas Leo Buchanan
19 May 1947 ~ 7 February 2012
He Was Well Loved in His Time.
His Tribe Gathered to Honor Him.
He Was an Honorable Man.
A Beloved Husband.
A Brilliant Spirit.
A Master Gamer.