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(Current comments, October, May and June 2011, below the intro.)


This website offers the most valuable knowledge known to humans, verifiable as such against all questions anyone can ask.

It offers the knowledge of how to efficiently resolve the most complex arrays of contradictions humans have been able to create, therein solving all social problems, and more, and socially manifest the solutions regardless of any human opposition, within a short period of time. The knowledge can "defeat" all the militaries and all the governments of the world, without their any possible escape, and more, or provide any one or more of them with the knowledge to leave the world asking the first one of them which learns and manifests the knowledge to be the world leader, verifiable.

The knowledge is offered free, without charge, for those who wish to piece-together the knowledge on their own, from the information herein, or by contracting Alaska Intech to far more efficiently learn the knowledge in a group or individual seminar format.

Alaska Intech is a company of more than one person, but for the technology offered on this website, a respondent would be communicating with Doug Buchanan, the author of these words. He is just a common person claiming no titles, credentials or great attributes, except to reference the contradiction of their concept. His mind is therefore not limited by any inherently limiting institutional perceptions. He enjoys ragging government folks, of which he was twice, because they earn the ridicule of the common people over whom the pitiable government chaps foolishly perceive they hold "power" and therefore perceive to hold a superior brain design. Referenced as, he would not be confused with the many other fine Doug Buchanan's in the world, perhaps to their relief.

If it were possible to more efficiently convey the referenced knowledge online, free, Doug would do so. The indicated benefits are obvious, and the company personnel hold no utility for material wealth beyond basic necessities. The only concept of use to the human mind, is knowledge, not material wealth.

To most efficiently learn intellectual technology for any particular use, one must ask their mind's questions of their mind's perceived contradictions to each item of related knowledge conveyed to them by a person who already understands the knowledge, the same as efficiently learning any new knowledge, but to a more intensive extent in regard to manifesting the solutions to social problems which have existed for millennia.

It is less efficient to learn the knowledge on your own, because you must ask and answer (in writing) many more questions, to discover the controlling concepts, then ask and answer many questions within the controlling concepts, usually requiring years of time. Therein one must be curious, patient and tenacious. The knowledge is worth it. You will never again encounter frustration, irritation, anger, offense or a human-caused problem for which you do not immediately recognize the promptly manifestable solution that you can manifest at whim. You will laugh the laughter sought by all people.

The reason Alaska Intech does not socially manifest the knowledge on its own is explained on this website, a design feature of the human mind.

As of year 2011, this website has been online for over 10 years. Concurrently, Alaska Intech has informed a broad spectrum of organizations, agencies, governments and individuals of the referenced opportunity. To date, nobody in the world has sought the intellectual technology services of Alaska Intech. After the most common reaction of, no response, the next most common comment is that nobody can understand what is written herein, despite it being plain English, with no technical terms, for a reason explained on this website, a design feature of the human mind. Other comments generally described as, "you're nuts", are always amusing and appreciated as the same compliment offered to thinking people throughout history.

Among other knowledge, the referenced technology conveys to any human mind the functional design of the human mind. Like the other words on this website, those words hold their meanings, and indicate far more than the casual reader will recognize. Would not the first concept that a species with a brain of the human brain's capability, teach its young, be the functional design of the human mind? Remarkably, no human institutions, including those of parents, adults, schools, etceteras, even attempt to teach that knowledge, because they lack the knowledge, and make no effort to learn it, thus stagnating the utility of the human mind predicated on most effectively using its functional design to learn knowledge for the synthesis of more advanced knowledge.

Alaska Intech's personnel periodically search the internet for anyone in the world, conversing in English, or translated to English, online, who has also learned intellectual technology. To date, no such person has been discovered, despite the conceptual proofs that others have learned the knowledge. Such people will use any of several key phrases related to fundamental reasoning process, and upon consideration of their context, use them accurately.

It is therefore possible that the elsewhere discovered evolution of the human brain and mind has recently arrived at a time or condition wherein the mind is now able to synthesize inordinately diverse human-caused contradictions and their resolutions, to the extent of flawless manifestations of those resolutions that no human mind can escape, by design. If such is the case, as demonstrated by other concepts, the knowledge is being independently discovered around the world, by individual thinkers who are not limited by old institutional perceptions, who ask and answer significantly more questions than is common, in regard to the functional design of the human mind and human phenomenon. Certainly the internet, facilitating more efficient communication of knowledge among diverse minds, will advance the process.

Therein, or otherwise by more time, the belated emergence of the humans, from their current intellectual dark ages, still foolishly trying to institutionally, militarily or governmentally kill, torture, imprison, intimidate and deceive their way to a more reasoning and thus more mutually beneficial society, shall occur by the emergence of the understanding of intellectual technology.

The current utilization and benefits of intellectual technology extend to... "What do you want in regard to solving human-caused problems? It is too easy". It can be done within days or weeks. The process is peaceful, lawful, boring, and nobody can escape, by design of the human mind. So far, no institutional leaders have demonstrated any understanding of those words or that opportunity, for an explained reason, much to the author's amusement. A list of some specific opportunities and benefits available from learning and using intellectual technology may be found somewhere on this website. But you and the leaders of the obviously failing institutions which you still foolishly support, do not need a list to identify what you want.

You may inquire.

Below is the previous home page introduction.



What the dictionary editors and English teachers still fail to convey....
Think: to think: (1) the mind's process of asking and answering questions, identifying and resolving contradictions.

Compare that definition with the nebulous and useless dictionary definitions of the word, think.
Therefore understand why Americans continue pondering, reflecting upon, calling upon, judging,
evaluating, analyzing, remembering, forming opinions, being certain, inventing, believing, inferring,
conceiving, considering, viewing, reviewing, devising, advising, anticipating, weighing, simulating, intending,
challenging, envisioning, imagining, regarding, fancying, speculating, deliberating, and doing everything except:
Asking and answering questions that identify and resolve contradictions to therefore solve problems.

Ignorant of how to think, because they were not taught the process, or even the useful definition,
the government people, their think tanks, experts, school teachers, professors, and the legions of
non-self questioning (unthinking) citizen organization leaders they produced, cannot and will not
solve the human-caused problems resulting from that ignorance.
But with that knowledge, you can....


If you want to most effectively hide something from the humans, make it more obvious than everything around it. If you were capable of creating the most brilliant knowledge puzzle in the universe, in addition to the universe, with a solution the humans obviously want more than any other knowledge but as a society remain perpetually frustrated trying to discover it, would you not make the solution openly available for the asking?


It is just a puzzle of knowledge. Anyone can learn it.

It is the process to efficiently solve any problem that humans have created, regardless of how seemingly complex or impossible.

It is a process of efficiently asking and answering effective questions of each resulting contradiction, until all related questions are answered.

The solution may then be promptly manifested, with opposition concurrently defeated.

Opposition is merely a contradiction, resolved within the process.

The solution to the puzzle always existed, available for discovery, like all knowledge.

The disguise of the knowledge is its simplicity, the reason it is so rarely discovered.

It is the most brilliant puzzle a human can learn. As an aside, it identifies the controlling design of the human mind.

To learn it one need only ask and answer a certain type of questions in a certain order, the process to learn any knowledge.

As an aside, it is the process of how to not be corrupted by power, thus creating wisdom.

It identifies verifiable truth, that which is most feared by the mind, and thus not effectively questioned.

The above is part of its disguise. Notice who does not ask and answer their related questions.

To promptly solve complex problems and achieve seemingly impossible institutional goals:

The Introduction


Nothing herein is of value or utility to your mind until your mind asks and answers every question of your mind's perceived contradictions to the information in this website. And if you identify a concluding contradiction, please notify the writer of these worlds. If his questions verify your conclusion, he will change his conclusion, conforming to logic, and thank you for your having advanced his knowledge.

If you are too impatient to read slowly and think while you are reading the words on this website, then one of the countless sound-byte type websites might be more suitable for your interests. Reading sound-byte type rhetoric, rather than thorough reasoning, and your questioning of that reasoning, cannot possibly offer knowledge that is useful for your mind's subsequent decisions.



Current comments........


Reactions to the news.... 20 October 2011

The common daily "news" primarily emphasizes the social contradictions or problems of the world. That is what the human mind commonly wants to hear, by design, because the mind is a contradiction identification and resolution device. It likes to try to solve problems. Do not worry about tomorrow. The world will still be on the brink of disaster, on schedule. The primary problems and disasters in the news change upon any one becoming boring, but each will be revisited soon enough. There are a finite number of disaster and woe concepts among the controlling concepts.

Many people worry or are anguished to some degree in regard to the ongoing disasters, wrongs and varied other maladies of society.

But wait. Why be anguished about a certainty? Does your mind enjoy being anguished, angered or worried? No. Your mind would rather be laughing, by design. It would rather resolve the contradictions, much to its satisfaction, or laugh at the folks who remain confused by the problems, without their even partially figuring out how to solve the problems.

But your mind will not let you laugh at the wars and counterproductive government bureaucracy that are costing you much tax money, and are increasingly angering "the other guy" whom you know will inherently "retaliate", etceteras. "To hold the other guy down, you must stay down with him", and fear when he or his people escape you.

However, your mind was designed to laugh at the damaging contradictions you recognize, that the other guy does not recognize, if you recognize the flawless resolution of the contradiction that the other guy hopelessly refuses to learn to recognize. That description is the description of a joke or comedy. The dumb guy "just doesn't get it".

If you learn intellectual technology, and thus FULLY UNDERSTAND every part of a contradiction, from the most detailed part to the full synthesis of all the parts, and therefore the flawless resolution, you will laugh at all the daily news of all the major and minor contradictions humans can create, and learn to discreetly not laugh out loud among those people who are still confused and irritated by how humans can be so ignorant, malicious, greedy, dishonest, power-craving and other descriptions of the origin of damaging contradictions.

The parents of the government crony rich, the government licensed banksters and lawyers, the government war mongers, and the other sources of major social contradictions, and the people confused by the lack of manifested solutions to problems, teach their children to be as ignorant as the parents, to sustain the age-old pattern of social problems based on perpetuating the ignorance of each ignorant person's part in creating the problems.

Ignorance is eliminated by learning knowledge. Knowledge is learned by asking and answering questions. Government does not ask and answer questions to resolve contradictions. Government creates contradictions, the only possible result of using power above reasoning, then it tells people what to do, under threat of jail or seizure or assets, vastly compounding the contradictions and their damages. In contrast, YOU can learn knowledge.

If you learn intellectual technology the wars, political fighting, damaging conspiracies, terrorism, torture, denials of human rights, evils of this and that, and those other guys who just will not do as they are told, are all amusing comedies for which your mind will hold the entire script, know the easily manifested solutions, and know each next event.

What? You want Obama to win the election, or his opponent to win, and want them to solve the nation's problems? Too easy. You want Obama or his opponent to become the most respected and admired leader in human history? Still too easy. Maybe two days after he learns intellectual technology. One, if he first uses a couple days at his desk to organize the list of problems.

Perhaps you want to regain your favorite human right, from those contemptible government sorts who make their money putting people in prison for damaging nobody. Even easier. It is a single issue. Or perhaps you are that contemptible government sort who wants those ungrateful citizens to do as they are told. Still too easy. The process is just knowledge. Any human mind in any body can learn it. It is just a boring process, after you learn the knowledge.

If one were to be told the controlling concept of the controlling concepts of the series such concepts which must each be FULLY UNDERSTOOD to recognize why all the human-caused contradictions in the news exist, it would be the concept of "power" in the human mind. It is just a concept. It can be learned to the extent that you can cause power in any other mind to do as you say. And it is just boring basic science process.

The human mind's ability to function on institutional power, instead of individual reasoning (impartial neural process), and the mind's absolute inability to understand, on its own, what power is, how it is perceived from institutional stimuli, and how it functions in the human mind, after the mind perceives that it holds power, is the source of 100 percent of all human-caused contradictions.

You need only understand that one concept, to then easily learn the other controlling concepts, including the detailed source and promptly manifestable solutions to all social problems.

Now think. If a power-damaged human mind could recognize what power is, and how it functions in the human mind, it would stop using the laughably limited concept of institutional power, and start using its unlimited individual reasoning process, the process that obviously solves all problems, by design of reasoning.

What do you want? It is yours if you use the reasoning process. If you use "power", it will cost you vastly more than it is worth, and then it will be taken away from you.

It is useful to therefore state that if a power-damaged human mind could recognize the concept of "shame", wars would immediately end. Who, among the readers of these words, holds a mind that CANNOT recognize the "shame", by that word, of conducting a war that kills even one innocent civilian? The answer is, 100 percent of military personnel and the politicians of any nation conducting any war, among the spectrum of other institutionally power-damaged minds.

Who would hire and pay taxes to pay the salaries of such primitive minds which are so intellectually incapable that they cannot even recognize the common concept of "shame" that keeps reasoning people from doing damaging and thus shameful things?

Read that question again, slowly.

Who votes for the American DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime Congressmen, and cannot understand the results of THEIR action? Why is a joke amusing to the extent of causing laughter? The subject of the joke cannot understand the contradiction identified in the joke by the people telling and hearing the joke. Who cannot recognize the contradiction of voting for DemocanRepublicrats then complaining about the government? Are not the people who are sufficiently intelligent to understand the contradiction laughing at the daily news that anguishes ignorant fools?

Now think. If a military person of any rank, could recognize the concept of "shame", and therefore recognized that all shameful actions must be eliminated from military process, to thus remove all damaging contradictions, said person could use the reasoning process (asking and answering all questions of each contradiction), to devise a war that would be won upon announcement of the process, without any damage to anyone. It is laughably easy. Would not such a person promptly become the world leader by request of the world's people? That process has been openly offered to US military leaders and agencies for the last decade, as well as Israeli, Russian and other military leaders in the world. Imagine the amusement of attempting to communicate with a rock. A rock better understands the concept of shame, than does a power-damaged human mind. The rock will attempt no words that compound its expression of ignorance.

Yes, the vast financial wealth of the power-damaged minds of the US Military Industrial Complex chaps (and their offspring) who own the power-damaged minds of the military generals and US Congress, is dependent upon a constant supply of power-damaged minds of military generals and all ranks down to private, and holds that supply because they are each institutionally produced power-damaged minds which VERIFIABLY CANNOT understand the concept of "shame" or what the perception of power does inside the human brain.

It is not an Afghan military that the US military is fighting in Afghanistan, or "terrorists". Just like in Vietnam, they are poor farmers inherently defending their land against invaders. And the US military folks, thus "Americans", are slaughtering the Afghan farmers in their individual homes with their families. And the power-based US news media is lying to Americans, for the US government, approximately 100 percent of the time, sometimes more, for a reason fully explained elsewhere. Does the news media have "power"?

If any of the Military Industrial Complex company executives learned intellectual technology, and as a military / Congressional insider, conveyed the knowledge to the military generals or Congressmen, that company would quickly derive the great majority of the military contracts and budget, becoming the most-sought military systems and supply company in the world. Its personnel would earn and be paid higher salaries, and sought by other companies. There is nothing magic or mysterious about the knowledge. It is just plain basic boring hard science process that grade school kids can learn. Enjoy the amusement of the writer of these words. You could duct-tape any Military Industrial Complex company executive or employee to a computer with these words on the screen, and the sticky part of the duct tape would dry out before his power-damaged mind could understand the substance of these words.

The institutional process which offers that endless supply of power-damaged minds for the inherently doomed wealth of the Military Industrial Complex is what you need to learn, to understand what power is, and how it functions in YOUR mind and that of each other human mind, by design. Your mind was born as a biological reasoning device. It had no understanding of institutional power until it was taught, the same way every mind was taught what it perceives.

Among the many processes of such teaching, including those which would most intrigue and amuse you, including those which preclude the peace-advocating institution of Buddhists from learning how to achieve peace, a more obvious process is that of those "damn liberal anti-war" Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) journalists, and their ilk, incessantly "pounding into the heads of your children", and you, that the great American military leaders and war politicians were great American military leaders and war politicians, instead of teaching you the verifiable truth, that they were intellectually absent, stupid, malicious, power-damaged minds which could not recognize the concept of "shame", or any process of reasoning, even if those pitiable power-damaged minds were handed a dictionary and an English teacher for their questions of the meanings of words and arrangements of words.

War is the zenith process for "theft", by definition, besides killing and destruction. You were correctly taught that "theft" (also killing and destruction) is bad (an unsustainable, damaging contradiction). But you were also institutionally taught that "war" is variously glorious, necessary, patriotic, steeped in great tradition, a badge of courage, the source of "leaders", (good) and a gaggle of such institutionally adorned lies and rhetorical garbage. That is obviously a contradiction. A majority of YOU believe the laughably illogical, unsustainable, damaging lies, or wars would have ended with democracy. A majority of YOU hold minds that CANNOT resolve the contradiction of war being both theft and glorious, by manifest proof of a democracy sustaining, currently seven (7) shooting wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Philippines).

The war issue is only an example of one of the more dramatic and damaging human-caused contradictions. When Americans eventually discover that the power-damaged minds of the US federal government Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have summarily written the self-serving, internal wealth producing laws that verifiably kill vastly more Americans than any killing-crazed military could even hope to kill, countless family names will be changed to disassociate the family members from the repugnant power-damaged minds of every FDA employee of this era. The worst of the wonton murders of the military, void of the understanding of shame, are saints compared to FDA personnel, verifiable against any questions, with a simple series of questions. Upon analysis of force-imposed damaging contradictions, the power-based agencies of the power-based US government make the damages of all prior government regimes idle amusement by comparison. The fall of the American empire will replace the Roman Empire as the world's primary example of such.

The first thing that "power" does in the human mind, is to re-route the neural processes to eliminate any recognition of "shame". Are young boys taught that they have power over girls? Are government personnel taught that they hold the power of their agencies? What does military training do to every fool who joins the military? In the internet age, when the sons and daughters of the FDA personnel learn what their parents did to them and the American society, if said sons and daughters have by chance avoided or escaped adopting the perception of "power" over all you other people, you will get to share their laughter at their own recognition of their absolute contempt for their parents, and their emerging from such ignorance.

Now think. The process to efficiently resolve all the human-caused, damaging contradictions, and promptly manifest any reasoning based goal, has been offered with the offer to verify it against any questions any humans could ask. So what would cause every human mind to not inquire for such valuable, VERIFIABLE knowledge, while knowledge itself cannot offer greater credibility than every question of it offering a verifiably accurate answer?

Again, what did you males learn about the openly accepted (by males) superiority of males over females, AND HOW DID THAT PERCEPTION INHERENTLY ALTER YOUR MIND'S OTHER PERCEPTIONS?

AND what did you females learn about the openly accepted (by females) superiority of female minds over those obviously idiot males, AND HOW DID THAT PERCEPTION INHERENTLY ALTER YOUR MIND'S OTHER PERCEPTIONS?

What process does your mind use to resolve contradictions, that does not use your mind's prior learned process?

While an impartial scientist can learn and present the proof that any action or event inherently alters other actions or events, a power-damaged mind cannot understand that concept in relation to the concept of power.

Even with the offer to convey the knowledge to any female organization leaders, the simple process to suddenly reverse the male dominant social structure of every country, to a female dominant structure, in which the females make the controlling decisions for social governance, which many female organization leaders have been offered, not one of them can understand the offer, even if they read these words. Their minds are damaged by the perceptions induced by being among the female GROUP, therefore holding "power", instead of being what they actually are, individual minds isolated in a cranium with no possible intellectual advantage over males, by being females, and with only ONE possible advantage available to them as humans, that being KNOWLEDGE.

Until you learn the KNOWLEDGE of the functional design of the human mind, you are a victim of that design. After you learn that knowledge, you are among the very few at any one time during history, who "get the joke", and laugh at everything the humans do. They are the best comedy on the rock.



To identify genuinely ignorant and intelligent people.... 5 June 2011

One of the ways to conveniently recognize the difference between an ignorant person (lack of knowledge), and an intelligent person (more knowledge), as a generality on the normal human gradient of intelligence which can change for any individual, at any short or long period of time, is as follows.

Keep in mind that ignorance and intelligence are primarily related to specific subjects, and then become more generalized. An intelligent person in regard to aircraft engineering may be dumb as a post in regard to knitting sweaters.

Do not get angry. This is a generality that you may find useful for advancing your intelligence or reasoning ability on that gradient, as do most people. If your mind gets angry, instead of curious, your defensive mind will remain at the level of knowledge you prior held, describing comparative ignorance in face of the opportunity to advance.

A generally ignorant person will commonly and repeatedly express sound-byte type phrases in speaking and writing, including popular old quotes and political jargon. These folks will commonly reference symbols, such as waving the flag and showing institutionally popular images. They will not express their reasoning much beyond those single simple old concepts. Ignorant people have no patience for questions whose answers require synthesizing multiple concepts, or patience for the expression of completed reasoning (which requires more words than old quotes). Ignorant people will spend a lifetime repeating their frustrating, single image, flag waving failures to resolve complex contradictions, based on their perceived part of the solution that fails for lack of its complete nature.

Human-caused problems are always comprised of two or more concepts, often many, which explains why all the old flag waving and simplistic single concept expressions have only sustained the problems. One part of a multi-part solution will not solve the problem no matter how many times that one part is offered. If, in defense, you suggest that such people have considered more than just a single concept, you would often be correct, but the continued existence of the problem identifies any suggested sound-byte type solution, or several, as synthesizing one or more concepts less than the actual solution. Ignorant people do not consider enough of the parts of the problem to actually solve it. The phenomenon merely identifies a gradient of contradiction complexity exceeding the patience of the comparatively less intelligent person.

The gradient of comparative ignorance and intelligence is made evident and commonly embarrassing by the obvious existence of major social problems for which the inherently existent solutions are available to the thinking person, while so many institution leaders purported to hold great intelligence claim to be striving for those solutions for which the leaders are obviously too ignorant to solve. Consider the National Rifle Association (NRA) whose leaders are so laughably ignorant of what they claim to be doing, that even with the US Constitution's 2nd Amendment words holding their meanings in law, with no law lawfully contradicting those words, over 20,000 local, State and federal inferior "laws" still unlawfully "infringe" the right to keep and bear arms, as unlawfully enforced. ("An inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight or effect as law." - US Supreme Court) The NRA leaders could read these words yet again, and they are so ignorant of the reasoning process that they would remain as clueless as they have been for decades. The fact that most of them are instead monumentally dishonest, milking their members for millions of dollars of donations funneled to NRA leaders and DemocanRepublicrat Congressmen, to "maintain the contradicting laws and threats of more" to maintain the money flow from gullible members to the wealthy leaders, demonstrates that they are monumentally ignorant of the damaging and doomed contradiction of dishonesty (deception).

Intelligent people recognize that ignorant and intelligent people are identified by their expressed or demonstrated reasoning, not by their titles, credentials and gaggles of ignorant supporters. How ignorant must one be to have voted for Bush or Obama whose DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime has bankrupted the nation on their Presidential Ego Gratification Wars, and turned the nation into a Police State where the armed TSA Gestapo can even grope children's genitals in the name of the law, and the US Emperor President can decree assassinations of even American citizens with zero protection of written law?

Therein, patience, or its lacking, for methodically identifying and resolving an array of contradictions that create the problem, that is, asking and answering the related questions, distinguishes the comparative ignorant and intelligent persons. Therein patience, interest, and rationally available time, become the controlling concepts. But lack of time or interest cannot be claimed by the ignorant person who repeats simplistic old ritual, symbol or image expressions, instead of utilizing that same time to ask and answer new questions to advance their knowledge.

A generally intelligent person will not wave the flag, or repeatedly reference symbols and old quotes as an exclusive action, and will instead wave the Constitution because they have read it, recognize that it holds the reasoning to solve the problem, and can explain the competed reasoning that the writers of the Constitution used to write it. Intelligent people will patiently express in spoken words or writing the completed reasoning for any particular concept, and openly answer any and all resulting questions, leaving ignorant people to usually walk away, or stop listening or reading, for lack of patience for the human mind's reasoning process.

Intelligent people will ask and answer questions. Ignorant people will ask few questions and answer fewer. Therein is the process for a comparatively ignorant person to easily and quickly advance their intelligence beyond most of the prior comparatively intelligent people because even the comparatively intelligent people ask and answer few questions, by design of the human mind.

The common perception of intelligent and ignorant people is commonly much different from the verifiable identification of intelligent and ignorant people. Much to the robust laughter of the observers, the common people throughout the currently primitive era of the human mind's evolution, have been fooled into believing that titled people are intelligent because they hold titles that the title granters incessantly purport (simple propaganda) as identifying intelligence. The common people, including the self-fooled titled people, yet do not ask the questions that identify the contradictions of believing the rhetorical illusions of titles instead of completed reasoning. Ask the US President, any of his minions, Congressmen, court judges or their ilk a few questions about their institutional contradictions, and watch how fast they rhetorically slither away from you, or you are arrested by their unquestioning government thugs for daring to ask such questions, as every common person, but not those titled folks, recognize upon reading this sentence. Does that evasion of answering questions not describe an ignorant person, one who cannot answer logic-based questions?

As a general classification, titled people can be proven as noticeably less intelligence (less able to answer logic-based questions) than common people without titles. Notice that government personnel are all titled and credentialed. So why are there any social problems remaining? What?, you suggest that the problems are caused by those people who do not do as they are told by the government chaps? Why is that so? Why cannot any or all of those titled government chaps simply answer that question to identify the contradiction which can inherently be resolved by the subsequent questions and answers? Does your mind make decisions on the knowledge it holds? Well, why cannot all those titled government people offer you the knowledge that would cause your mind to do as they tell you? WHY? It is obvious and inherent that the government dolts do not hold any such knowledge, or they would offer it, which is why they only know how to threaten people with arrest, seizure of assets, imprisonment, military destruction, torture and killing, therein the identification of ignorant people.

Of course the reader of these words is obviously among the more intelligent people, whether these words hold validity or not, because the reader is reading an expression of reasoning to ascertain if this concept is valid, or not, and therein, by definition, are among intelligent people who exercise such wisdom.

A concluding, classic demonstration of ignorance, describing all government personnel and nearly all other institutionally trained minds, is the common expression to the effect that, "they should do this or that". In contrast, an intelligent person will explain why they are doing what they are doing, therein illuminating the data base of their mind which explains the logic of why they are doing what they are doing, the reason that any person with that data base would make those same decisions. And the intelligent person will patiently answer every related question. The other guy is obviously doing what is logical for his or her mind's accumulated knowledge. Their mind is of the same design as the person saying that they should do something different. They are each doing what is logical for their accumulated knowledge. To cause the other guy to do this or that, rather than what they are doing, the person making the suggestion must first understand why they are doing what they are doing, not recognizable to an unquestioning, ignorant person, and then resolve the inherently existent contradictions between their current knowledge and the suggested knowledge, and then educate the other person by an effective means that conveys the contradictions and the resolutions, therein completed reasoning for two different minds. That involves openly, publicly answering all the other guy's questions to identify and resolve the contradictions illuminated by questions. The intelligent person will have already asked and answered the other guy's questions, before he asks them, based on the knowledge of the human mind's design, which is why the suggested resolutions of the contradictions will be recognized and adopted by the other guy, without his mind's escape, by its design. The process to do so, regardless of opposition, is known and available, but only among intelligent people, which you can become by simply practicing the process of asking and answering questions of contradictions, including those created by your initial answers.

Enjoy the comedy of the ignorant people (institution leaders) and their suggestions that hold no possibility of being manifested by the process of ignorant people perpetually attempting half a solution, for intellectual laziness, to a whole problem perpetuated by the other half of the problem, by design of the human mind.



US Military... 30 May 2011

These words are written by a previous US Army airborne ranger infantry sort, Vietnam veteran. Was I not a fool to have been so?

If you want to recognize the "honor", "courage", or any government-claimed attribute of being a US military person, perhaps yourself, your father, mother, son, daughter, uncle, brother, sister or other relative, ask that military person if they would be willing to stand, in uniform, in front of General George Washington or any of his surviving soldiers from the deadly battles at Concord, Lexington, Valley Forge, and other Revolutionary War battles that created the United States of America, after the US Constitution was written, to whom the following undeniable, verifiable facts are presented.....

The current President of the United States of America, whom this military person (your relative) protects, and advances his power, has seized the raw power to do the following in unmitigated contempt for the US Constitution, the common law, and the people who fought to institute the rule of written law above the rule of personalities (kings) in the United States of America....

1. Summarily order and have carried out the assassination of any person, anywhere in the world, including any US citizen, with no charge of any crime, and with zero protection or due process of written law in any court or other impartial office. Read that again. The US President now holds the power of divine authority, life and death, the claimed power of emperors, pharaohs, Czars, and kings, the zenith of what the Revolutionary War was fought to eliminate in the United States of America, and what the US Constitution was written to prevent. The US President's claimed divine authority above all otherwise prevailing written law is protected by US military personnel, just as Stalin's military protected his therefore doomed system of rule.

2. Start a war or bombing campaign (war) anywhere, with no Congressional Declaration of War or debate by the people's elected representatives, as has been done against thirteen countries (Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Panama, Grenada, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Libya) after 1945, slaughtering millions of innocent civilians around the world, creating billions of new enemies.

3. Summarily order and have carried out the indefinite imprisonment and torture, including torture to death, in secret prisons, of anyone, including American citizens, with no charges of any crime, no right to counsel, no trial by jury, no visitation rights, and no protection of any written law, a system protected by US military personnel, just as Mubarak's military protected his therefore doomed system of rule.

And the entire government of the United States of America, that is the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches acting in concert to advance their raw power, whom military personnel protect, has seized the power to do the following in unmitigated contempt for the US Constitution, the common law, and the people who fought, risked and sacrificed their lives in the Revolutionary War to institute the protection that those prevailing laws gave the people, above the power of government officials.....

4. Imprison anyone for possessing or carrying a firearm, and seize their guns, enforcing any of over 20,000 local, State and federal inferior laws infringing the superior law right to keep and bear arms, ignoring the US Supreme Court ruling that, "An inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight or effect as law."

5. Imprison anyone for possessing or smoking hemp (grown and smoked by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other writers of the US Constitution), thereby the government having seized the title, ownership and management of each citizen's body, therein negating all human rights by law. Read that again, if you wish. You do not own your body. The government owns it. You and your children can never become lawful adults with the RIGHT to make their own decisions for even their own body. You and your children will always be "subjects" of the government, not citizens, without even the ownership of your own body, because US military personnel are criminally protecting the US government thugs, not the Constitution, just as Hitler's military protected his therefore doomed system of rule.

Remember, for this recognition of what US military personnel have become, you are standing in front of the soldiers who risked their lives in the Revolutionary War to create citizen RIGHTS above the POWER of government personnel.

6. Changed the people's money from a gold-backed currency, to a paper-backed (therefore worthless) paper currency, and turned the ownership and printing of the people's money, that is, US Dollars, over to a private bank owned by 5 families of a single extreme minority religion, which has so over-printed US paper money for their personal wealth and their religion's wealth and power in another country, that its valuelessness is soon to collapse the government and nation of the United States of America, collapsing everything for which the Revolutionary War soldiers fought. The oil producers and the local farmers will not accept your worthless paper Dollars that required negligible work to print, for oil and food that require hard work to produce.

7. Charge people a tax (fee) for what was previously the people's right to walk on open public land (currently up to $210 per person per hike in some National Park areas), and also require them to get (deniable) permission (licenses, permits) and charge them a tax, (thus negating "rights"), to travel by common means on public rights of way (public roads). That includes current war veterans who risked their lives to fight for what they were told were THOSE RIGHTS, including the rights of their families. Read that again, you hold no RIGHT to even walk on your own open public land. It is now a taxable, deniable permit "privilege" granted or denied by any of a legion of government personnel (the Sheriff of Nottingham) who have seized "private ownership", above "management", of public land, and can thus arrest you if you dare to walk on public land or travel on public rights of way without surrendering your right to do so by paying a tax or getting permission from a government thug. That system is protected by US military personnel, just as Kim Jong Il's military protects his doomed system of equally repugnant rule.

Rights and privileges are mutually exclusive, by law. You must get permission for a privilege. You need not, and cannot be required, to get permission (license, permit), or pay a tax (fee) to exercise a right. You can exercise a right at any time, anywhere, without any government permission or knowledge of the action. That is what human rights are.

By prevailing law, the only lawful mechanism to separate humans from their rights, because rights are unalienable by law and by definition of humans and their mind, is by their willfully surrendering their rights. That "willful surrender of rights" is effected by their asking for, or acquiescing to, an (unlawful / inferior law) demand that they get permission (license, permit), or by paying a tax (fee). Such demands are routinely imposed by common, unlawful intimidation of power of office, commonly never questioned by people who are fooled by power of office above authority in prevailing law.

For you to ask for permission, or acquiesce to it, or to pay a fee, by those actions, is for you to recognize that you do not hold the RIGHT to do what you have asked or paid money to do. How ignorant of law, what it is and how it lawfully functions, have you made your children to leave them prey and victims of Homeland Security and TSA Gestapo, as well as all the other corrupted, power-craving government police, prosecutors and court judges ruling by power of office above the written law?

8. Imposed forced taxation (theft under color of law) on everything so extensively that the US government thugs can afford to pay a standing Army, Air Force and Navy of unquestioning minions conducting American Presidential Ego Gratification Wars around the world, slaughtering innocent civilians daily, with the US military operating in over 100 different nations, teaching the people of the world to hate the Americans and what they stand for, vastly beyond the animosity the American colonialists developed for the English king's occupation army. The US military budget exceeds all other nations combined, and the US is therefore conducting more foreign wars than any other nation, as excuses for its war spending.

9. So over-taxed the people that the US President's wife, who holds no government job, now has 23 personal hand maidens paid huge tax funded salaries, expenses and benefits, to do nothing for the common people of the US, a system protected by US military personnel, just as Saddam Hussien's military protected his doomed system of rule.

11. Negated the protection of the common law (the prevailing law that now protects only government insiders) for the common people, and unlawfully enforces hundreds of thousands of inferior statute and court case laws contradicting the otherwise prevailing common law and US Constitution, to fill the prisons with millions of Americans who harmed nobody and violated no prevailing laws. US prison slave labor (Prison Industries Incorporated and its subsidiaries with different names) is producing repugnantly large profits for the shareholders who are primarily prosecutors, judges and congressmen, a system protected by therefore contemptible US military personnel, just as Gaddafi's military protected his doomed system of equally contemptible rule.

12. Exempted the President, Congressmen, federal judges, their families and staff from most of the laws adopted by Congress or created by the courts, and granted themselves special privileges and benefits not allowed by law to the common people, a system protected by US military personnel, just as the Roman Emperors' military protected their doomed system of rule by slaughter.

13. And any of several hundred of your examples of categorical violation and contempt for the US Constitution and the rights of the common people, by privileged elite US government officials and their minions, a system protected by US military personnel, just as the Chinese military protects their doomed system of rule for the benefits of the privileged government elite.

Now therefore, any modern US military person, such as your father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin or nephew would prove himself or herself as a COWARD, or would belatedly recognize the saturating shame of their contempt for the lives of the American Revolutionary War soldiers, by refusing to stand in such judgment of the TRUTH of modern American military personnel, for obvious reason. If such an event happened, and if General George Washington did not unlimber his pistol soon enough, every such Revolutionary War veteran would shoot every such modern US military person, or worse to insure that he understood just how much suffering was endured to create American freedom described in the US Constitution. Because current US military personnel have repeatedly murdered and tortured helpless prisoners to death, with no reaction by fellow military personnel, the US Revolutionary War folks might recognize that standard of human repugnance as an appropriate treatment for modern US military personnel. Everything the US government and its military personnel are doing is in unmitigated contempt of the lives sacrificed to create the first nation to have held human rights, stated in plain English in the US Constitution, above the corrupting raw power of government thugs.

THAT is the true, undeniable nature of modern US military personnel, no better than Mubarak's or Gaddafi's military thugs protecting the privileged government elite trammeling human rights and taxing the common people into slavery to those elite. Only fools or contemptible thugs would attempt to deny such openly known and verified facts.

If not a coward, your option is to demonstrate your personal integrity and courage to accept the truth and state your reaction. Was I,, not a fool for fighting in Vietnam, an unlawful, criminally conducted war without a Congressional Declaration of War, wherein the US military slaughtered millions of peasant civilian farmers, laborers and other common people, therein protecting a system of rule by repugnant US government thugs who even deny the common Americans ownership of their own bodies, thus negating all human rights described in the US Constitution and the common law? I profoundly apologize for the damaging results of my ignorance and failure to question authority.

If you are current or previous military, you might consider the same, for obvious reasoning that the thinking people around you recognize.

It is unlawful to carry out an unlawful order. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Every government person holds the known legal duty, the evasion of which is a crime, to insure that every order, directive or instruction is lawful under the prevailing law, not contradicted by a superior law, for the same reason that the bank robber's get-away car driver is legally liable for not having ascertained the lawfulness or unlawfulness of his aiding and abetting a bank robber by "just doing his job". "An inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight or effect as law." - US Supreme Court and any literate person. If your mind cannot understand this paragraph, the US military is looking for you as a perfect recruit. All power-based governments are dependent upon ignorant minions and an ignorant society who cannot understand the existence of a difference between lawful and unlawful orders. How ignorant have you left your offspring?

The question is... Who, as an American, is too cowardly to face a Revolutionary War soldier, with the verifiable facts of what they are formally defending in the actions of US government personnel?

The writer of these words would be willing to do so, openly apologizing for having served in the US Army, and confirming that all US military and other government personnel have betrayed everything for which the Revolutionary War soldiers fought. I would ask them to forgive me, on the basis that I am attempting to right my wrongs, as you might recognize in my words. Who would do so, and who would not do so?

"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light." George Washington.

"Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present Generation to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven, that I ever took half the Pains to preserve it." John Adams, signer of Declaration of Independence, 2nd US President. And he was speaking for the many others of his generation who lost their fortunes and lives fighting the British king, to create human rights above government power. What have you done with it?

If you encounter a military person who says that joining the military is the only way he could (conveniently) afford an "education", or it was the only (convenient) job he could find, ask him what he would say to a Revolutionary War soldier who could say that he surrendered an education, a job, and died a horrible death at a young age to achieve the human rights and freedom that the current military sort has betrayed, and is defending that betrayal of all Americans. Ask him again, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY?, so you can write his answer to publicly display his understanding of honor, integrity and basic reasoning ability, for the rest of his life.

So if you ever get one of those forwarded emails by current or veteran flag waving US military sorts, extolling the greatness, bravery and sacrifices of modern US military sorts, you can send them the link to this article, and pity their primitive, unquestioning minds serving "the President" and "the government", instead of the US Constitution and American citizen rights that are openly denied and violated by the President and the government.

If you want to protect your nation and your freedom, therein wisely the US Constitution, buy a good rifle and learn how to shoot accurately. The little country of Switzerland has long held more gold than any other nation, ripe for the taking, but has not been attacked, even by the bordering Hitler's military that swept over, and robbed the wealth of larger more distant nations, because the Swiss citizenry is armed, and are marksmen. When the Nazi military demanded the right to march German troops through neutral Switzerland to get to Italy during World War II, and threatened the Swiss with a force five times the number of armed Swiss, the senior Swiss military general formally (on record) stated to the Nazi general that the Swiss would therefore need to fire five shots each. The Nazi army marched AROUND, not through, Switzerland. Buy a rifle, and learn to shoot accurately, to defend YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS, and the rights of your family, from "all enemies, foreign and domestic", as required by an oath to uphold the US Constitution, including your defense against the US military and police openly violating their oath, defending the raw personal (corrupted) power of the repugnant King Bush / Obama ilk and their self-privileged, wealthy, DemocanRepublicrat elite. The US military has become too commonly bogged down in foreign wars, not available to defend America. If you are not armed, in an armed world, you are prey. The predators are armed military and police. They revel in their indoctrinated power, and are too ignorant to recognize an unlawful order. They are dangerous to human rights, a concept opposite of centralized power.

Do whatever it takes to sufficiently educate your offspring to prevent them from joining the US military to be an ignorant thug risking their life and destroying their personal integrity for nothing beyond the wealth of the American privileged government elite, including Obama's wife's grossly over-paid 23 hand maidens.

The writer of these words resigned his career established Regular Army commission, as a young lieutenant with career oriented military schools, ratings, assignments and evaluations, before his basic obligation was finished, because he started asking effective questions, to therefore recognize that he was a fool to have served in the US military. The people who have refused, right from the get-go, to serve in the US military war machine were wiser. We all learn different knowledge at different rates. While the writer of these words enjoys ragging the unmitigated ignorance and maliciousness of the power-damaged minds of government sorts, he recognizes that he was as pitiable as they when he was mired in such ignorance. He was a fool for having believed the glaring lies of the DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime, instead of sooner asking effective questions of those lies.

And if you think any or all of the citizen rights organization leaders are going to defend your rights, you have not asked enough questions. The number of citizen rights organizations in the US is increasing, and donations to them are increasing, yet the increasing maliciousness and lawlessness of the US government military and police thugs, and the burgeoning of the new laws against everything, is illuminating a controlling contradiction that is still defeating human rights. The inherently power-corrupted citizen rights organization leaders are talking about only THEIR FAVORITE rights, while attacking the other guy's rights, which is the same process by which the DemocanRepublicrat Congressmen and President keep fooling the gullible, unquestioning Democrat and Republican voters. As long as DemocanRepublicrats rule, and exempt themselves from the laws, and the common people keep voting for them, and do not file CRIMINAL charges against the government thugs, and fire any prosecutor, and impeach any judge, who criminally evades his or her known legal duty initiate and carry out "due process of law" against their fellow, criminally acting government personnel, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY will continue to hold no human rights, and be prey for the burgeoning US government Gestapo agencies.

NOW, for those who read the above for the more useful purpose of learning the process of the human mind, and its utility to efficiently manifest the solutions to problems......

The issue is not those repugnant modern US military sorts who are betraying everything this nation stands for, their own colleagues who fought in the Revolutionary War, their families, their fiends, all common people in the nation and world, and apple pie. While they are that repugnant, precisely, by listed stimuli identification and neural process in the human mind, why have so many otherwise diverse human minds, including that of the writer back when he was a fool to have believed the incessant lying of the power-damaged minds of government dolts, manifested such a repugnant and damaging contradiction? Why?

List the stimuli. Write the list, and hit the save button. Yes, include and highlight the stimuli which caused the same conceptual effect in YOUR mind. What part of the list do you share with those military sorts?

What statements did you believe just because the people making the statements held a "title" such as, government official, agency person, lawyer, police officer, court judge, military officer, adult, parent, expert, scholar, professor, or anything more than "just another person"? If you openly question a statement (opinion) of just another ordinary person, why does your mind not openly question "just another person who sank to a government job with a title"? Why?

Do "titles" not create the perceived power of the group represented by the title? Does power corrupt, that is, alter the perceptions of the holder of the power? What are your written answers, and what next questions will you ask for the use of your answers? Would you believe a corrupted government officer? Do government officers hold power? Does power corrupt? Use your answers.

NOW, who, by your written, questioned and accurate description, with your recognition of the neural process in their therefore power-damaged mind, could read the above, and would still defend and praise modern US military personnel? Your written answer?

Or who currently in the military, could read the above, and not promptly resign from the military, and hand his or her commanding officer a copy of these words if they want a handy explanation of the reason? Is it possible for a military person to do as did I, and state in writing that the military can retain a person under obligation of a contract, but that action cannot retain loyalty, duty or willingness to work for the military in obvious contradiction to one's oath to uphold the US Constitution, and therefore any commander who understands the military's dependence upon loyalty to lies, above a human mind's reasoning ability, would wisely grant the resignation, with an honorable discharge, to avoid the damage to the military, caused by a thinking and speaking person inside the corrupted military? The question was, is it possible. What is your answer, and the utility of that answer for your next questions? "You can deny my resignation, but I am not working for you anymore." "You can keep me on duty, but you would be negligent and liable for doing so after I have herein informed you that I will obey your LAWFUL orders but not perform as your UNLAWFUL orders imply, therein contradicting and endangering those who are functioning on your unlawful orders." "It is unlawful to carry out an unlawful order." "I will not act unlawfully under the prevailing law.""An order to an unwilling person can be lawfully carried out in lawful form, without its substance." "This resignation is record for court evidence." Etceteras.

It is not the large number of listed institutionally induced stimuli which equally altered their and your perceptions. It is the controlling effect of any only three or four such stimuli, among hundreds of such stimuli, that you wish to understand. It is not absolute power that corrupts. It is ANY perception of ANY power that corrupts or alters the perceptions of the mind infected by that perception of institutional power over the other guy.

It is then, for those who have not already done so, that you must patiently insure the list is complete, and methodically resolve the contradiction created in your mind by each of those stimuli. That is the verification process for the controlling concepts that you may recognize.

You will be highly amused, and your knowledge will rapidly expand beyond anyone around you. Was I not a fool for having been a US Army sort? The other contradictions I resolved are as many as on your list.

Of course if you therein advance your knowledge beyond your therefore comparatively ignorant superiors, you will then say and write things that will enrage the government and military power-damaged minds who are too intellectually lazy to attempt to understand the above. They will keep waving the flag, extolling the virtues of military sorts slaughtering innocent "collateral damage", without asking any questions, because a titled person said that the other guy is the "enemy", to support the raw power of King Obama, King Bush, and the next American King of The Hill. But you will enjoy and laugh at the comedy of the humans fighting each other rather than effecting reasoning, while everyone else is frustrated and angered by their self-defeating actions based on their perpetually attempting to solve the whole problem with only part of the solution.



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