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This is a member's site about the Tanana Valley Sportsmen's Association (TVSA) of Fairbanks Alaska.

It illuminates fundamental contradictions typical of political conservatives.

It is written by, a life member of TVSA.
He is the current minority, not pleasing the current majority leadership.
Imagine that, the actions of organization leaders creating questions.....

Doug Buchanan
1957 Weston
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709
phone: 907 479 2149
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The introduction...

Is there any error expressed herein?

Do conservatives create the identical contradictions of liberals, then fail their amusing denials?

How have the current TVSA leaders defined conservatives, as usual?

This is an amusing, valuable learning opportunity for young people. Older people, in their mid twenties and older, cannot understand the words on this web page even if you hand them a dictionary, as you will recognize from the proof of their actions.

There are many words on this page. That concept drives away the impatient adults who therefore keep their minds ignorant of their displayed contradictions herein illuminated. They thus continue doing the dishonest, thus contradicted and futile things they do, so that others may laugh at them.

This page contains sentences of REASONING, the most valuable concept your mind can ever encounter. Adults are laughably ignorant because they fooled their minds into thinking that adulthood means that they know all the reasoning behind any conclusions, upon hearing the conclusions, so they only want to hear and speak hasty sound-byte conclusions. Conclusions are a fool's illusion. Reasoning is the thinking mind's tool.

Further, if you give any human any title of any office, implying the acquisition of any power, no matter how scant, he or she will believe that their mind somehow therefore acquired a superior design over other human minds, compounding the effects described in the previous paragraph. Power-damaged minds more adamantly believe that they need not consider any reasoning related to their conclusions imposed with power. They impress only other power-damaged minds, and become quite comical to thinking people.

Start here with a note book on your desk or screen, and categorize the following concepts to which your mind currently agrees and to which your mind does not currently agree. Write your own reasoning for your decisions, or these words will be of no value to your mind and thus not worth your time reading them.

You train your mind by your words and actions. Read that sentence again if you wish. If you train your mind to create and leave in place any contradiction in your words and actions, you will make yourself as laughably ignorant as are adults. Start correcting what you have been doing with your mind. Resolve every contradiction you have ever identified, to train your mind to do just that, least you will soon be too ignorant to do so, as the adults described herein prove.

The classic example of the above is a recent tape recording, played on television, of President George Bush, fine chap that he is, perhaps a bit addled in the cranial closet, stating that he does not have to explain his decisions to his cabinet or anyone else, because he is the president. Your mind learns from devising, and writing or carefully stating on record, your REASONING for your conclusions, to thus review your own words in the face of the questions their exposure creates, to thus correct the routinely identified contradictions. If you train your mind to not carefully review its own reasoning, your mind will end up as monumentally ignorant as Bush. He has held his ludicrous belief of raw power over the reasoning process of human minds, for many years, resulting from his titles of offices. You train your mind by your words and actions. The mind of Bush genuinely and sincerely believes that he need not formulate, to reveal for more thoughtful review, any reasoning for his decisions, and thus his decisions are consistently, profoundly flawed. Bush is undeniably among the most intellectually absent national leaders in human history, making even the embarrassing idiot who preceded him almost excusable, almost. Bush sincerely believes he can shoot, bomb and imprison his way through a species that was predicted on the reasoning ability and process of its mind. Commonly intelligent humans are highly amused by Bush, Clinton, Osama and the power-damaged minds of their ilk around the world. You do not want to sink to the intellectual nadir of those little boys. Read and write reasoning. Use conclusions only to identify and ask the questions they always create.

The resolution to all contradictions is laughably easy for honest people, that is, logically thinking people, and impossible for dishonest or power-damaged minds. For example, if the RepublicratDemocan politicians willfully lie even once, and their colleagues do not remove them from the DemocanRepublicrat Party, or publicly denounce them for associating with the Party, then you can never vote for any RepublicratDemocan without identifying yourself as a person who endorses lying, thus as a dishonest person. No excuses prevail. Read that again, it is not possible for any excuses to prevail against your mind's reasoning process. You may state that you are honest, and never vote for a RepublicratDemocan, or you may vote for a DemocanRepublicrat and state that you are dishonest, thus resolving the contradiction. Either conforms to logic, but not vice versa. The ability of your mind to understand the process of logic, therefore manifest the aforementioned flawless truism inherent to the design of the human mind, is what will demarcate you from the comically ignorant DemocanRepublicrat adults who will eventually die of old age still confused by the laughable results of supporting people who openly lie to them, including their own minds.

Ask a high school student if he or she would believe, follow and support a person who verifiably lies to them? Would you? What do you do with your own answers to questions? Would you believe, follow or support a person who says he does not lie, but joins and supports an organization whose leaders incessantly lie? You do not want to train your mind to become as ludicrously incapable as adults. You can verifiably resolve every human-caused contradiction you identify. The adults continue to avidly support the politicians who openly and undeniably lie to them every election, defining the adults as dishonest and a bit shy on the neuron count.

The words herein retain their meaning, unlike the words used by organizational leaders. These words hold substance.

The human mind is predicated on reasoning. There is no mechanism within the human mind for one mind to force another mind. Write that on a chalk board 100 times, and drag that thing around with you. Any human who attempts to use any form of force, rather than reasoning, merely defines their nadir of intellectual ability, and offers amusement to commonly intelligent observers. Train your mind to be among the latter. Nothing achieved with force is ever sustainable within a species predicated on reasoning.

The data herein offers the verifiable reason why you do not want to believe adults, including your parents, school teachers, organization leaders, so called role models, government sorts and their ilk, who will train your mind to be as ignorant and illogical as they prove themselves to be by their actions, if you do not question their every word and action, with real questions.

And then you must answer your questions with answers to which you will sign your name in public to identify your current reasoning ability, for your own mind's utility. Next to your answers, write your reasoning. If you fail to reveal your reasoning to open review, to identify from resulting questions the contradictions you did not yet recognize, you will end up repeatedly contradicting yourself as laughably as do the TVSA leaders and most of the members, much to the amusement of observers.

This is a magnificent proof that the liberals are correct, when they suggest that the conservatives are lying if their lips are moving. You liberals can reference people to this website to emphasize your contention in that regard.

TVSA is comprised primarily of older conservative hunters and fishermen who routinely disparage the liberals, environmentalists and their ilk. TVSA is a classic sportsmens club of yesterday. As a member of TVSA, I differ in that I am not a conservative or liberal, and I openly illuminate the manifested contradictions of the entire spectrum of these amusing humans who manifest contradictions simply because they are too impatient to ask enough questions to learn how to promptly resolve their own contradictions. For the rest of their lives they will never recognize that it requires much less time and money to patiently question one's conclusions all the way to the resolutions of contradictions, rather than act on any one of those contradictions and therefore create a damaging morass of expensive screw-ups often defeating their espoused goal.

The proof that liberals are beset with the same contradiction is on a different website, and does not detract from the proof herein. If you believe the conservatives and liberals, instead of question them, you will end up as ignorant as the RepublicratDemocans who eventually die of old age still believing that the fault is with the other guy. It is beyond the comprehension of their stagnated minds, that they are each the other guy to 6.2 billion other guys, or what that means when they blame the other guy and claim to be right. If you believe that the other guy is wrong, by your decree or by majority rule of your subculture, billions of other minds who would laugh at your conclusion, prove by your own process, that you are wrong. You are the other guy to those many more people. Are all 6.2 billion other guys with minds of your same design, wrong? Because the DemocanRepublicrats blame rather than question, they never learn how to actually solve any problem about which they perpetually preach, donate money, and accept inherently corrupting donated money, generation after generation, for what only results in the same endless and useless quest for rhetorical illusions.

They cannot recognize that their own unresolved contradictions are the only cause for the existence of the opposing institutions comprised of equal human minds. Read that sentence again if you wish. It cannot possibly be otherwise, by design of the human mind. The human mind is a contradiction identification and resolution device. If no contradiction exists, as the conservatives foolishly claim of their actions, no other human mind can identify it, and thus there can be no opposition. Do not end up as self-confused as those who do not utilize their mind's design.

If what the conservatives and liberals previously said were not lies, after the test of time has been more than ample, why are there any problems remaining? What is your answer? They said they could solve the problems if they held the power. They held it, often and for long periods of time. The same old problems still exist, and are worse. The proof is not refutable. They were lying. The liberals and conservatives are still laughably clueless of what power does to their own mind's process and the results. They cannot comprehend what process in the human mind creates and maintains contradictions, and therefore cannot identify the process to resolve those contradictions. Learn from this website. Do not end up as intellectually addled as the adult conservatives and liberals.


The example...

Tanana Valley Sportsmens Association (TVSA) organized in Fairbanks Alaska fifty or so years ago, acquired several acres of inexpensive land on the bank of the Chena River, and built a log lodge on it, not far from downtown Fairbanks. Time passed. Fairbanks grew. Now the TVSA land is prime real estate on the edge of town, worth a couple million green American dollar bills, albeit those new phony looking ones.

What does money do to the immature minds of conservatives who constantly blame all their problems on the liberals? Your answer? (It instantly corrupts them, of course.)

What is the answer offered by the conservatives, if I had switched the words, conservatives and liberals? Well?

The current gaggle of TVSA leaders and their membership faction in power, fine chaps that they are, with dollar signs glittering in their eyes, have openly stated and demonstrated their intent, and started the formal process, to sell-off TVSA's property to get the money to build a new indoor shooting range for the target shooter faction of the otherwise diverse sportsmens association.

They do not want to work, in any manner, to build their own new indoor shooting range, either on the available TVSA property or elsewhere. While the TVSA leaders are otherwise completely capable, hard working adults in society, for their TVSA organizational activities, a genuine conservative might reference them as lazy louts who only want to sell TVSA's property out from under it to functionally get free money to build a shooting range for themselves, in the name of the good of the people of course, wave the flag.

What you perceive as wrong in that action is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, if not a real one, that illuminates the fundamental flaw of conservatives, saturating their every action. By asking effective questions you might recognize that conservatives lie if their lips are moving, even when they speak to their children. You might recognize that this website offers the proof, and the correction.

Can you successfully get something for nothing? What would a conservative TVSA member tell his children as the answer to that question, and thus perhaps be among those whose actions contradict their words to thus prove their words to be worthless? Of what do the conservatives accuse the liberals?

Would you tell your children to work and earn what they want, or try to scam it for free?


The rest of the iceberg...

Most adults do not want you young folks to learn the following concepts, because these truths expose the adult institutional lies routinely fed to young people, across the entire spectrum of institutions, with government only one of them. Adults fear truth, least there would be no lies. Is that not so?

The current TVSA leaders were given, and accepted, the responsibility to manage, conserve and protect TVSA assets, a remarkable piece of property, 13 acres on the bank of the Chena River. The property exists and is available for Fairbanks area sportsmen who are members of TVSA, to facilitate programs benefiting sportsmen, because the previous leaders met that responsibility to conserve and protect the assets.

The current leaders were easily dazzled by a two million paper dollar figure, for property that will obviously be worth vastly more in the future. It is certainly worth much more for sportsmen to retain. What would any other social organization, especially any of the many local outdoor activity organizations, do to get 13 acres of prime land on the Chena River, at the edge of Fairbanks? Who of them would not dearly wish that their organization predecessors had been wise enough to acquire such property back when it was affordable to a social organization?

If the current TVSA leaders, by name on record, and their majority faction of indoor target shooters, sell that property, in only a few years the outdoor sportsmen of Fairbanks will recognize the much greater value of that property, and openly state that the TVSA leaders who sold that property so cheap were idiots at best, and most likely worse. Write that sentence on a piece of paper, with the date, and the names of the current TVSA leaders and their direct supporters, and put it somewhere where people will read it in a few years. I am They will agree.

The Indians sold Manhattan for 24 dollars worth of beads, and the TVSA leaders were apparently sound asleep in the back of the classroom, if not under some other influence, when their school teachers talked about that superlative lesson in American history. The conservatives tell their children to learn from that lesson, then prove their words to be a lie the moment they see some sparkly beads dangled in front of them.

How would sportsmen identify wisdom in any of their predecessors? If the founders of a sportsmens organization had acquired and held 13 acres of property in downtown New York, back when it was affordable at one little glass bead per acre, and their successors were as wise to keep it, how would their names be judged today? What can you do to be accurately described as wise?

In contrast, how do we often describe the Indians who sold Manhattan for those beads? How will the Fairbanks area sportsmen in the future describe the named TVSA leaders who sold the sportsmen's land out from under the sportsmen when it was worth just a paltry two million pieces of paper script backed only by the same lies fed to the Indians?

If adults are lying to you, then you are on your own to learn the lessons of life. They are. You are. If you ask the right questions, you can prove that the adults are incessantly lying to you. The wisest way to learn the lessons of life, is by asking questions of what you are told or you observe. That is easy and not hazardous, except when you politely ask the increasingly malicious government thugs effective questions. In the latter you can be jailed without any due process of law, as is being increasingly done by RepublicratDemocan police and court judges in this nation. The risk is worth it for the knowledge you will learn from asking effective questions. And most of the people in jail are more honorable than the government thugs who put them there. Jail is a small price to pay for discovering truth and defending your rights by asking questions. The cost to many other people was their lives.

As an instructive aside, I was arrested and enjoyed a week in jail, in Fairbanks, denied bail, denied a trial, denied an appeal, declared guilty on record, shacked and chained, and the whole nine yards, for having politely asked some National Park Service dolts, on record, certain questions that expose a highly lucrative, ongoing criminal operation of certain National Park Service Superintendents, much to my grand amusement. Certain concession permit systems used in several National Parks flagrantly violate Public Law 89-249, the concession permit law, and constitute criminal racketeering, albeit business as usual among our dedicated public servants. Those poor sad mental midget Park Service drones think with their guns, and openly describe their pocket federal court judges as their pocket judges. They are a superlative representation of the liberal environmentalists who support them. They trained their minds to genuinely believe they can change truth by threatening, imprisoning and killing people, thus displaying the Clinton/Bush intellectual aptitude. I learned more valuable knowledge about the lawlessness of police and their malicious court judges, and thus their vulnerabilities, from a week in jail, much to the subsequent rage of government dolts, than most University of Alaska classes teach on any subject in a whole year. Do not fear jail. If you have not yet been there, you have not yet effectively stood in public to respectfully defend your rights against the lawless DemocanRepublicrat government thugs. And because you have not displayed that simple courage, the RepublicratDemocan adults became sufficiently emboldened to create the Federal Homeland Security Gestapo, piled on top of the 53 other armed, federal law enforcement agencies, by the identical process for the functionally identical excuse that Adolph used. Make your decisions sooner than the German citizens did. Power is insatiable, universally consistent in its manifestation, and always serves itself, never humans.

There are no police to arrest the police who routinely violate the law, no prosecutors to prosecute the prosecutors who routinely violate the law, no judges to indict the judges who routinely violate the law, no lawmakers to pass laws against the lawmakers who routinely violate the law, by definition of institutional imperatives and simple power, just as none of the aforementioned will even effectively question each other, or are sufficiently intelligent to answer questions anyway, just as there are TVSA leaders to question the TVSA leaders who create glaring contradictions. You do not want your priceless mind to fall into that outhouse hole defining the intellectually self-incapacitated adults. All the power in the world, or even a sliver of it, will only display you as a fool in public, to commonly thinking people. Ask the questions that the American and Nazi German citizens feared to ask.

The source of that entertaining contradiction, that is, my being jailed for politely asking questions about government corruption, as witnessed and tape recorded, is the DemocanRepublicrat Party avidly supported by those conservative and liberal adults whose addled minds are verifiably incapable of recognizing the contradictions they create with their meaningless words and their contradicting actions, least they would promptly resolve their contradictions. The Park Service alone arrests over a hundred thousand people per year, who damaged nothing and no one. About half the people in US prisons damaged nothing and no one. They are victims of inferior laws fabricated to create enforcement budget excuses for a power-based police state, in lock-step with every power-based government that was ever invented. In addition to the budget excuse portion of the scam, it creates revenue from taxation by fraudulent citation, a primary tax source in this nation, extremely damaging to the productivity of any society, explained elsewhere. That lucrative system is created by malicious mental midgets inherently attracted to the bureaucracy, police and courts of force-based government. You would prefer a reasoning-based government. You might consider expeditiously learning a bit more about what these conservative adults did to their otherwise useful minds, if you do not wish to end up as intellectually embarrassing as they are, and do not want to live in a society increasingly stagnated by a police state.

Your mind learns new knowledge, and thus the solutions to existing problems, by asking and answering questions, especially those questions routinely fled by government and other institution leaders who create the problems. The human mind thinks, and thus learns new knowledge, by asking and answering questions. Do that. The conservatives, liberals and other obsolete old minds, regardless of body age, do not ask and answer questions, thus explaining the contradictions created by TVSA leaders and their ilk. Their minds are angered and confused by the foregoing words, rather than curious. Their angered minds will ask no questions of these words, and thus remain as ignorant as this website illuminates of them. Curious people ask questions, and thus advance their knowledge.

Who would you chose to help solve a problem, a person angered by uncomfortable words, or made curious by them? Your answer? And therefore, if you seek to learn how to solve problems, how will your mind react to these words? Imagine if a conservative adult had read this far and bumped into that question, much to his confusion and anger, and therefore your laughter.

The institution leaders who flee questions, routinely make statements, and use their power of office to impose what they state. When you make a statement you define the conclusion at which your mind stopped thinking. If a logical question can be asked of your statement, then new knowledge is available in the answer, and the mind that refuses to answer the question, or refuses to allow time for it to be asked, such as a typical government mind, defines its ignorance and intellectual stagnation. Never believe, follow or respect anyone who refuses to answer the question you asked, with an answer that answers the question you asked, or you will stagnate your mind at their failures exposed by your questions. Answer every question that is asked.

Of course if a person without a life of their own, such as government sorts, especially police whose minds were trained to never question orders, asks you a question relating to your private affairs, you will wisely and accurately respond with the statement that any answer relates to your private affairs and is not the legitimate business of any person so ignorant and void of a life of their own as to ask such a question.

The undeniable and now internationally discussed dumbing down of America, is the dumbing down of government and other organization leadership personnel, who therefore dumb down people who are so foolish as believe rather than question their leaders. Public school teachers are government employees. Do not sink to their trend. Ask every question you can devise, to save yourself. Lawyers and court judges are the classic of the case, and display a hilarious act if you ask the questions that illuminate their void of knowledge of law. Law schools do not teach law. They teach memorization of self-serving process, the delight of a self-stagnated mind. Lawyers and judges can slither faster than a Blue Racer Snake when you ask questions about the laws that limit the power of lawyers, judges and the government officials who appoint them to higher positions. That is fast, and you will notice the same wiggling motion. But unlike snakes, lawyers and judges leave a trail of slime behind their lies. You can follow the record of it wherever they go.

Consider the military, police and government bureaucrats. The human mind learns new knowledge by asking and answering questions. Military, police and government bureaucrats are trained to never question the orders of their superiors. And therefore the superiors never need answer questions. The human mind learns new knowledge by asking and answering questions. The minds of the victims of government employment are therefore intentionally trained to become progressively more dumb. And the most successful of the lot, those who never question their superiors, and thus the dumbest of the dumb, are therefore sooner promoted, to become the superiors, to then compound the results, now defining the internationally ridiculed dumbing down of America. The worthless, superficial questions you are allowed to ask in government are superficial and worthless to your mind. Sorry about that, you police, military and bureaucrats. That is an irrefutable fact that even your children can recognize. Save yourself. Quit your job. Your mind is worth more than your current salary and retirement fund. Get back out in the real world of advancing knowledge where you can jolly well ask any person any question you damn well please, more than once. Your mind and its knowledge are dependent upon the process of asking the most effective questions it can devise at every identified contradiction. If you can be punished for questioning orders, and do not have to answer questions of subordinates, you are successfully training your mind to be ignorant. At least save your children from sinking to that perfect government formula for making them ignorant. But because only young people are reading this, and the adults are lying to you, you young people ask any parent, teacher, military recruiter or government drone who suggests a government job, if you can openly question every order you are given, and be promoted for exposing the lesser knowledge of your superior? Then laugh at the suggestion of the government job.

So the reason my Army unit commander sent a helicopter to get me when I was down in the Alaska Range one day, the instant my resignation approval got to his desk, was on account of my not showing adequate respect for that idiot-drill of never questioning orders, if you can imagine such an unthinkable thing. Never fear asking questions, in full face of all the threats by government minds who fear effective questions more than death. Holding a Regular Army commission at the time, I was inordinately fortunate to have been able to question my way out of a debilitating government career, in face of the usual intimidation by unquestioning mental midgets with superior titles. A certain mindless colonel who was enraged by a certain harmless question helped. I left him sputtering, after I belatedly recognized that the military was a dead end choice for the ability of any human mind, and promptly resigned.

If you do not know the answer to a question, as asked, you are fully capable of stating the accurate answer, that you do not know the answer. Notice that government sorts cannot state such simple truths, and will give you even more words than written on this web page before they simply state the truth that they do not know an answer to an effective question. Their power-damaged mind can never allow them to state truth. Truth, and knowledge, destroy power. Power never willingly surrenders any portion of itself, and owns the mind it infects.

Effective questions first illuminate contradictions that have been left in place rather than resolved, and then the avenue to resolve them.

The question for which you or the other person does not know the answer, need only be divided up into more precise questions to eventually start discovering the known parts of the puzzle comprising in sum the accurate answer for the larger question. Learn how to ask effective questions.

Notice that you can ask and answer questions, writing each, while organization leaders dodge the questions you ask, and otherwise respond with answers that do not actually answer the questions you asked. Do not end up like them. Answer the question that was asked, or you will progressively train your mind to evade new knowledge and thus display yourself as illogical and useless as DemocanRepublicrat adults.

An answer to a question that was not asked, such as the usual rhetorical tap dancing and slithering offered by government bureaucrats and politicians, is a fool's delight, and leaves the question that was asked, yet without an answer. Notice how news journalists are routinely delighted by a politician's responses that do not remotely relate to the questions asked. Do not let your mind become as comically useless as adult journalists.

Notice that this website is a 21st Century response to an outdated 20th Century organizational power play. You can laugh robustly at the old TVSA members who could understand this website if they simply started asking and answering the questions that their organizational power structure refuses to allow thinking members to ask during TVSA meetings. Because the faction in power illogically stifled the full discussion of the TVSA property sale, in their meetings, the issue is therefore introduced on a website for the world to consider, therefore reaching the TVSA leaders who prior blocked their access to this data. The data therefore also reaches their members, their children and other sportsmen. And this site is being linked by other sites with outdoor recreation interests. The effort to stifle the expression of truth is always a fool's quest.

George Washington, a darling of the conservatives, once stated: Truth will ultimately prevail if there is pains taken to bring it to light.

There is. It will. This is one of them. And conservatives are always angered by the truths that expose the rampant dishonesty of conservatives.

There is actually a more advanced and effective response than this, but that is beyond the scope of this website, and TVSA does not warrant its benefits.

During a membership meeting, an organizational power structure can dodge and deny the full expression of a minority concept, by process. But they cannot so conveniently do so on the internet. A classic example was National Rifle Association (NRA) President Charlton Heston, three years in a row, fraudulently ruling me out of order and hastily turning off my microphone when I raised a point of order at the annual NRA members meetings, asking Heston to read his authority in the NRA by-laws that would authorize his demand that all member resolutions to be introduced at the meeting for membership discussion, be handed to the NRA Secretary at the start of the meeting, for what annually resulted in overt censorship to deny introduction of the resolutions not favored by the corrupted NRA leadership faction in power. I laughed each year he did that. A point of order requesting a ruling in the by-laws cannot be lawfully ruled out of order to evade the request. To so rule illuminates the results of a ludicrously useless and confused mind which trained itself to never question orders. Charlton Heston, a classic conservative organization leader, incessantly spewed hollow scripted words to bill himself as a leader of freedom of speech and other citizen rights, identical to the other NRA leaders. He then used his raw power of office in violation of the NRA by-laws, on cue at the jerk of a string, to trammel the right of respectful free speech, and other NRA member rights, at the NRA member meetings. And he cannot figure out why NRA cannot successfully defend citizen gun owner rights, much to the howling laugher of observers. The adults are lying to you, especially the ones you were told are heroes and leaders. The majority gaggle of unquestioning conservative NRA members could read the above words and remain clueless of their meaning, even if you handed them a dictionary. If Heston stood before them, instead of recognizing a proven liar and power-corrupted leader using his power to attack the rights of the common people, they would wave the American flag and give him a standing ovation, displaying their mind as of zero utility to themselves or anyone else. Your question from the above, might be, what actual mechanism within the brain caused a human mind to train itself to so publicly display such an absolute contradiction. There is a definitive answer, beyond the scope of this website.

A power-damaged mind is more accurately predictable than the rising of the sun. Power is insatiable, serves only itself, and never serves humans. Many typically conservative NRA members at those three meetings responded like Pavlov's dog, angrily denigrating me while I was at the microphone, for daring to question their god image NRA President Charlton Heston. Hitler asked for no more, and could have easily led unquestioning NRA members wherever he wished. Every society has that portion of the population from which Hitler derived his murderous Gestapo of conservatives. They are the ones who ask no questions of their own leaders, and attack anyone who does, like most NRA members. Dangle a scripted rhetorical illusion in front of them, such as a movie actor or any person with a title of office, and minds which trained themselves to be ignorant by not asking real questions of authority figures will consistently attack even their own right to express their views without censorship by hollow authority figures. NRA members are a real hoot. They genuinely believe that they are each so void of cranial goo that they cannot allow themselves to say anything without an unthinking movie actor, scripted by his dramatically less than pro-gun staff, first censoring their words, by proof of their actions three years in a row, that has since remained in effect. Do not let that happen to your priceless mind. Do not wonder why so many thinking people laugh at conservative NRA members.

Of course after each annual NRA member meeting a small cluster of the few thinking gun owners gather to discuss the leadership's amusing contradictions, and laugh. Much to my ongoing amusement, I am an NRA life member and previous one term director before I declined the opportunity to run for another term, to regain my integrity from a classically corrupted organization leadership. NRA leaders, flawlessly identical to their opposing organization leaders, offer high quality entertainment for any thinking person. I ask the questions and speak the truths that are otherwise found only outside NRA membership. If all the NRA members attended the NRA Director meetings, including the childish and ludicrous executive (secret) meetings, NRA membership would plunge despite the scant thinking among the membership. The leaders are among the most ludicrous, illogical and useless in the nation, at their best. They spend most of their time childishly flattering and praising the current insider clique of their fellow NRA leaders to jockey their way into favor to become one of the insiders, identical to RepublicratDemocan congressmen desperately attempting to become the best Party member, while lying to the public about being an independent thinker. NRA is the reason gun owners are losing their rights, and the gun owners cannot figure out which obvious questions to ask to recognize that truth, even if they read this website. If you want to help attack gun owner rights, send money to NRA to reward the leaders for the obvious results of their well rewarded efforts. Their professionally scripted lies fool only fools. If you want to help defend gun owner rights by the inefficient organizational process, send money to the equally corrupted, equally ignorant anti-gun organization leaders, who are identically flattering each other and screwing-up with the opposite effect of their espousals. Power serves only itself, not any humans. Humans are served by reasoning, non-existent in power-based institutions. But there is a more efficient process, beyond the scope of this website.

It is not possible for a human mind which willfully denies another person's right to uncensored speech, as did Heston and other NRA Directors, to successfully defend another right, by design of the human mind and the definition of rights. That is the same concept and manifestation of there being no such thing as a person who lies only to the other guy. When Chilkoot Charley in Anchorage says he cheats the other guy and passes the savings on to you, the younger patrons laugh. Adults believe him. A lie, or contradiction, is created within the mind, contradicting the mind's designed contradiction-resolution process, and thus flaws the process itself, by an intriguing mechanism discussed elsewhere, regardless of any superficial issue or manifestation. Rights cannot be successfully divided or separated within that portion of the human brain which recognizes and synthesizes data in relation to the functional definition of rights. A right is a universal category of those human actions which cannot logically require the permission of another inherently equal human mind. There is no identifiable superior human brain design, and if there were, who would grant those holding it, rights, if rights were grantable and thus deniable by a human mind? Rights are unalienable to the existence of the human mind, including yours and that of the other guy. To willfully deny another person the free exercise of any unalienable right, by use of power above reasoning, one's own mind must define all rights, including one's own, as privileges grantable and thus deniable by someone with a rhetorical illusion of power over other inherently equal human minds, to grant and deny privileges. Privileges, and the process to request them, are mutually exclusive from rights, by definition. If one mind could grant and deny rights, because all minds are of the same design, all minds can do the same, and therefore can affect only their own mind. Rights are a product of the human mind, not any other concept or device, because no other such device or concept can be identified as an origin of rights. Notice the expression of reasoning, for which you can find no question that prevails above the reasoning.

If any human held the ability to grant or deny another person's rights, who and by what process acquired the superior intellectual ability to grant the first such person the ability to grant each next person the ability to grant or deny YOUR rights? Who, by name? How did he or she acquire that superior intellectual ability? Could you not have done the same to acquire the same ability since you hold the same design of mind? Obviously no such human has existed, or can exist, by design of the human mind. If you sink to the comical answer of certain military and police mentality gun owners, you might suggest the answer to be a person with the gun, and thus define your maximum reasoning ability as nothing more than that of a piece of cold steel with a hole in it. That answer is common among those fine and benevolent chaps frolicking in the Washington DC cesspool.

Rights are a unique concept inseparable from the existence of the human mind. You may hold your universally ignorant adult school teachers, at every level of school, in rightful pity for their inability and failure to teach American young people the quantifiable and qualifiable definition and manifestation of rights. This nation was unique in human history by being founded upon the written concept of unalienable human rights. The conservatives are so flat clueless of what rights are that they cheer and wave the flag every time another idiot US president functionally spits on the rights described in the US Constitution, and denies the free exercise thereof, much to the howling laughter of observers. Do not let your mind end up like adult conservatives.

The minds of conservatives and liberals literally cannot identify what rights are, even if they read the forgoing words, least they would immediately depart their association with conservatives and liberals who incessantly attack each other's favorite rights. The price your mind pays for the acceptance of the title, conservative, to make your mind think it has warm and fuzzy friends among fellow conservatives, is its ability to ask the questions that reveal the controlling flaws of conservatives, and thus the ability to ask any effective questions. You make your mind comically ignorant by accepting the benefit of an institutional title that you can therefore no longer question without the institution's other unquestioning drones ostracizing you. Run those words through your neural maze one more time. The mechanism can be explained in detail. The ability of your mind is worth vastly more to you than any illusion of ignorant friends within any institution.

Among the superlative examples of the results of leaders overtly trammeling the rights of their followers is the reaction of NRA Directors to the member resolutions that that the leaders censored from being introduced at member meetings. This is how void of reasoning ability conservative adults have made their minds. In one routine example, a newly elected NRA Director recognized that something was wrong with blocking the discussion of member concerns at the member meetings. At the Board meeting subsequent to the member meeting, the new Director made a motion to discuss the member resolutions that were not allowed to be introduced at the member meeting. The NRA president sternly told him that the Board meeting was for the concerns of the NRA Directors, not the NRA members, and that member concerns were not allowed to be discussed at the Board meeting. While every human capable of even the most rudimentary reasoning therefore might be found rolling on the floor, kicking and pounding, clutching their aching sides, tears of howling laughter streaming from their eyes, all 76 NRA Directors at that Board meeting therefore remained silent, and the president moved on to the next item of business. Your mind will end up that astonishingly useless to you and everyone else in the world if you sit there like a stoner high school student and ask as few questions as the identical conservative NRA Directors. Laugh in the face of the NRA members who foolishly believe that the Directors they elect are representing anything but raw power to trammel the rights of NRA members sending money to the leaders. Power NEVER serves humans. It is not possible for power to serve humans, by design. Reasoning is the only mechanism which can serve humans, by design of the human mind. And reasoning invites rather than evades every member question or expressed concern.

You do not control your mind. Your mind controls you. If you train it to be as flat-line as conservatives and liberals who consistently attack the other guy's rights, by believing rather than questioning adults, you will end up as laughable as Charlton Heston and his unquestioning ilk.

An adult who wants you to learn valuable knowledge, will invite and answer your every question. An adult who wants you to remain ignorant and thus subservient to his ignorance, will dodge your questions. Watch how government and organization leaders disparage and dodge effective questions, exposing their intent and ignorance. A wise person wants you to learn more knowledge than she or he, as soon as possible, so that your greater knowledge can therefore inherently benefit him or her, and others. That means, they want you to ask hard questions.

TVSA leaders use several of the usual organizational ploys to disparage the expression of member concerns not favored by self-serving leaders, just like NRA leaders and all other organization leaders. Power serves itself. The TVSA meetings attract very few members, typically only those in the current faction holding power. In contrast, every TVSA member connected to the net, and everyone else in the world, can now conveniently analyze web-based information related to TVSA, including the full expressions of minority concepts.

Would you chose to use the unlimited internet, or only member meetings for your data sources for decisions? Would you chose to learn from someone who asks questions, such as those herein, and offers to answer yours, or someone who uses the typical organizational meeting process to block the consideration of questions?

As an aside, it is indicative of their nature to note how long it took TVSA to make a website, which is rumored to be uploaded any day now. It is then amusing to note that the leadership was acting so illogically that the minority created and uploaded this web site, in mid November 2002, before the majority leadership uploaded theirs.

After the TVSA leaders lamented for years that they could not get new people to join TVSA, while they were repeatedly told that the new generation is on the web, by the only person sitting at the meetings taking notes on his laptop, they finally got the message. Like all institutions, especially conservatives, they stagnated themselves with old ideas, and disparaged any individual thinker who tried to discuss anything outside their small cocoon. Individual minds advance the human phenomenon, despite the best efforts of power-damaged minds leading institutions incessantly attacking individual minds. You may do as you please, but you will have a lot more fun in life being that individual thinker, using your unlimited mind, asking questions, with no need to institutionally hate the other guy or attack his rights, and no fear of questioning your own leaders. To individually think will usually hinder your access to easy material wealth and ego-candy associated with institutional processes, but your mind and its results are worth infinitely more to you than easy material wealth and ego gratification. NRA Directors and other RepublicratDemocan leaders tend to be materially successful in society, but their minds are clueless of what they are representing, much to the robust laughter of observers.

The active TVSA membership is old and aging because they functionally demand that dynamic young Alaska outdoor adventurers think like old people who refuse to question their own glaring contradictions. It is an ancient phenomenon. The next generation always rebels for a short period of their life, then later in life cannot remember what they learned by asking the questions that caused them to rebel. The value was in their asking questions. It is what the next generation starts doing to the extent of rebelling because the last generation dodges the questions of their glaring contradictions. If those questions were not asked, you would still be swearing allegiance to mental midget kings, and swinging swords for the glory of their ego. Come to think of it, that is what the idiot conservatives are doing for Bush, like the idiot liberals did for Clinton, like their intellectually void colleagues do for Saddam and Bin Laden, ad infinitum. These humans are still a new experiment, and have not advanced an iota from the early days. Enjoy the show. But to enjoy it, you must learn about it rather than become a victim of it as have the aforementioned idiots.

The failure of each rebelling generation is that they do not ask enough questions to extend their knowledge beyond just more innovative organizational power-plays. Learning only the process of power, they then stumble into it, then fall back into the stagnating defense of their new power, against the questions of the next generation. Do not do that. Ask those questions that extend your knowledge beyond the use of power. Keep asking more effective questions, to the day you die, and longer if you want to pay for another year of website hosting fees.

The older TVSA folks cannot tolerate the next generation's ideas of outdoor sportsmen. The older conservatives do not want change to happen, laughably attempting to defy the laws of nature and stagnate the minds of even their own children, and all other young people. They want to chain the next generation to what the last generation did. The TVSA leaders are like the old Soviet or Chinese government sorts in that regard. If you attempt to introduce new thinking into TVSA, you will recognize why young people do not join TVSA, and instead create their own outdoor sportsmen and adventure organizations.

Elsewhere is described another account of a certain attempt to introduce new thinking to the NRA Directors, among the most self-stagnated minds in this nation, conservatives that they are, functionally identical to the old Kremlin boys. Whew! The reaction was a historic statement of power-damaged minds. You would end up rolling on the floor again, kicking and pounding, clutching your aching sides, tears of howling laughter streaming from your eyes.

The TVSA leadership perpetually laments, during each meeting, after meeting, after meeting, that they cannot seem to attract new members, and that most of the members do not come to the meetings. Of 200 members, they are lucky to get 20 at a meeting, usually less. Then the leaders selectively use the excuse that more members are not at the meetings, to block actions that the leaders do not favor, but never exercise effective actions to offer new people a reason to be involved with TVSA.

At seeing or hearing such words, they object, then drone on and on about how the organization must develop new programs, and how they want people to come forward with new ideas, just like RepublicratDemocans parrot the same words to which they apply no meaning. Offer them anything outside their failing old dogma, and rightfully laugh at their above-described responses proving their words to be hollow.

A few TVSA members routinely ask their leaders why more members do not attend the meetings, and what can be done. The leaders then drone on and on with the same old hilariously wrong answers, as proven by the results, and never question their answers. The members likewise to not question the answers.

If you are failing, and you do not question your current answers, you will be left only with the knowledge that has failed. The TVSA leaders and majority members cannot understand the meaning of the words in the previous sentence, as they prove by their actions.

If a thinking member attempts to suggest a different answer, the minds of the majority leaders and members noticeably shut down until they can maneuver to change the subject to something else, so they can then start saying the same old things they have said for decades to make their minds comfortable again. They trained their minds to manifest that common institutional phenomenon. It is the institutional norm for humans. It is a classic trait of the conservatives. They fear the discussion of new concepts. You do not want to stagnate your mind in that manner.

They do not know how to advance a new concept into useful new knowledge by asking questions, because they trained their mind to flee rather than ask and answer questions. Your mind will do precisely what you train it to do. Train it to do those things that advance rather than stagnate your knowledge.

TVSA currently has nothing of value to offer a dynamic outdoor Alaska sportsperson, by definition of the results. The results belie the leadership rhetoric. The incessant attempts of the leaders to mouth into existence what has already failed, continues to fail, if you can imagine such obvious results. The stagnated leadership, chosen by an unquestioning majority membership, will variously not allow, or will disparage, the discussion of any genuinely new ideas. It is inherent to the concept of institutionally created power. Knowledge advances the human mind. Power stagnates the human mind.

The solution for dynamic Alaska outdoorsmen has already been achieved. It is the private enterprise process. They walked away from the stagnated old TVSA, and formed their own organizations specializing in their primary interests. When there were only a few people in Fairbanks, a generalized sportsmens organization was logical. When more people arrived, providing enough people for each separate outdoor interest, because TVSA leaders refused to adapt to change, and therefore had less and less to offer, the outdoor sportspersons inherently formed new organizations that advanced their interests.

That is the reason that the United States of American formed a new government rather than be stagnated by the British king and his ilk back when the shooting sports were being developed. The British king could have exercised a reasoning process with the colonists, asking and answering questions, resolving identified contradictions, learning new knowledge from individual minds experiencing new data over there in America, odd place that it was, and therefore positioned himself to be the administrating leader of the British American colony which would function under their new American constitution with a king instead of a president, and because their new ideas were obvious improvements on the king's stagnated old system, grant the folks in England the same written recognition of human rights, and thus earn great respect, to thus remain as the person who filled the highest administrative job, and become a more wise leader. The colonists sincerely tried to resolve the contradictions created by the king, to function under the king. But the perceptions of the king's mind were altered by power, just as the TVSA leadership minds, so he lost his followers, as have the TVSA leaders. By attempting to defend his empire with inherently self-defeating power, in defiance of reasoning, the king's British empire ultimately defeated itself. Power is always ultimately self-defeating because it never serves humans. It serves only itself, and is inferior to the human mind's primary design process, that is, reasoning.

So there is no real problem for Fairbanks area sportsmen. But TVSA then became a classic learning vehicle for organizational failure, illuminated herein so others may avoid the results of this lesson, in case they slept through the old lesson about the sale of Manhattan.

The illuminating example is a leadership at an organizational ebb of activity, a common cycle among all organizations. The leadership is apparently too lazy to rebuild the activity level, too enamored with their power to let someone else lead the organization, and they see an opportunity to try to grab something for nothing, for their small faction of interest, defining trite old greed. It is the most common conclusion of organizations which acquired any desirable wealth that could be liquefied, then were administered by uninspired leaders.

The attempted sale of the property itself is of little consequence. The land only represents material wealth, useless to the human mind. But because wealth and thus power create contradictions, the TVSA lesson offers something a bit fresher than the Manhattan lesson for local young people.

If you wanted to create a SUSTAINABLE organization, would you build it on 2 million free dollars, or 2 million dollars worth of organizational work? Write your answer.

What would you tell our children?

Can you get something for nothing?

What principles do conservatives say they teach their children?

What happens to that which comes easy?

Do the conservatives tell their children that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and that those damn liberals always want free money from the government and corporations? Write your answer, because TVSA leaders will not write it, or verbally answer the question, and flee the question, and are thus not be able to answer the following questions predicated on the answer. They stop their mind dead at that question, while you can answer it to thus be able to answer the next ten thousand questions.

Why does every society in human history have an old saying equivalent to the balance being perfect in all things, there is no such thing as a free lunch, there is an equal and opposite reaction to every action, you cannot get something for nothing, you must pay your own way, nothing of value comes easy, yin yang, etceteras? Might it be that there is substance in those words, that prevails against the incessant efforts of dishonest humans to challenge them? Do not wise people say those things? Are you wise? Do not unwise persons attempt to defy those universal human truths? Do not the conservatives claim to be wise, and say that the liberals are unwise? What real value do the conservatives prove of their words? Did you foolishly believe the conservatives, or ask the foregoing questions?

The words must hold their meaning. Either the conservatives mean that people must pay their own way in life, and thus the target shooting conservatives must pay for their own shooting range, or the conservatives do not mean what they say, and are precisely what they accuse the liberals of being. If they defy the foregoing, you therefore recognize why you never want to be as ignorant as conservatives. If your own words do not hold their meaning, commonly intelligent people will readily recognize that you are wasting your time speaking or writing. You will never sustain a rhetorical illusion. No human power is capable of replacing the reasoning process of the human mind.

TVSA acquired their land, built a log lodge on it, and then built an indoor target shooting range in the basement. But the leaders of this non-profit organization did not develop the equivalent of a business plan to derive enough annual income to maintain their facility or replace it when it became outdated. They simply ran it into the ground, albeit slowly and without intent, a common phenomenon among we humans, in fact the norm. The results merely require a new generation of leaders starting to build again on what was left, just like the first time. Land is a superlative start, especially superlative land.

But in the case of TVSA, the current leaders have decided to sell out for those glittery beads. It was inherent that the resulting contradictions compounded themselves. Because the leaders routinely dodged questions, rather than answered them, then dodged the increasing questions of the results, they created a seemingly large and complex problem out of what were a few small simple problems.

The process to solve a complex problem is the same as solving a simple problem. It just takes a bit longer. You identify and resolve each itemized contradiction, one at a time, by methodically asking and answering questions, and write the solutions. If solution number 27 reveals a contradiction in solution number 8, you then resolve that contradiction and any resulting from the new solution. You then synthesize all the actual solutions, that is, the uncontradicted answers to the questions. It is just grade school scientific process extended by simple patience. In contrast, incapable leaders who trained their minds to dodge rather than answer questions, such as one hundred percent of those in government, promptly lose patience for the reasoning process of the human mind, blame the other guy for their own impatience and inability to answer questions, and sell the assets for money, or seize more money from taxpayers.

The current TVSA leadership, accepting responsibility to manage and protect a facility that was run into the ground, and lazily desiring the first easy solution, and having a special interest in mind that represented only a faction of TVSA, decided to sell the valuable TVSA property to get easy money to pay for a shiny new shooting range for the target shooters.

TVSA is a sportsmens association. It is primarily made up of Alaska hunters and fishermen, but involves people of varied outdoor recreation activities. Indoor short range target shooting is one of those varied activities, a small one. TVSA had graciously allowed the indoor target shooters to build a range on TVSA property, because a small percentage of hunters enjoy shooting short range targets indoors when it is cold outdoors.

Give them an inch for free and they will demand a mile for free. The target shooters got a free place to build their indoor shooting range, and now they want to sell the whole place for a free new range.

For perspective, it would be just as logical and easy for a faction of snow machiners to acquire the TVSA leadership positions and majority attendance at the meetings, and thus sell the TVSA property to buy property with a large warm-up cabin down at Summit Lake, a popular snow machining area for Fairbanks snow machiners. The rhetoric could match or exceed everything cobbled together by the indoor target shooters. A lot of Fairbanks Alaska outdoor sportsmen use snow machines. Alaska has long winters, and the Summit Lake area has snow most of the year, etcetera. One phone call about that opportunity quietly created by the target shooters, with the process already started, could flood TVSA with new snow machiner members happy to vote to sell TVSA property to benefit the snow machine sportsmen. Once the process is legitimized, new members can vote to shift the money to a different goal. Money attracts a lot of votes. Or consider the fishermen, who could sell the TVSA property to buy a lodge on Harding Lake where there are more fish. The duck and goose hunters might prefer a lodge out at Big Lake in the Minto Flats where waterfowl hunting is superb. The moose hunters might like a lodge in the Salcha or Goodpasture area, where there are more moose. And the bird watchers might have another good idea for which they could use free money. If you recognize that the tail would be waging the dog, as it always does among dishonest RepublicratDemocan politicians incessantly slipping public funds to self-serving special interest groups, in the name of the public good of course, then you recognize the real actions behind the routine lies of conservatives. Did the founders create TVSA to accumulate wealth for the first fundamentally dishonest special interest group to seize the wealth for their own narrow interest? What lodge location with how much land most effectively serves the general interests of diversified Fairbanks area sportsmen? What wisdom of the TVSA founders is being trammeled by subsequently unwise leaders whose actions are teaching the next generation that they can scam someone else's wealth to dodge having to work and earn the benefits they crave? What did you learn from adults, and how do you want to publicly represent your integrity? In face of undeniable special interests, what do honest organization leaders do with organization assets?

Because indoor target shooting was obviously distinct and separate from a generalized sportsmens association, the Tanana Valley Rifle and Pistol Club (TVR&P) was formed as a separate organization, with an agreement to run the shooting range in exchange for use of the property. The separation was often referenced and emphasized for legal and other advantages. To try to suddenly imply that TVR&P is now TVSA, and vice versa, to claim that an obviously exclusive benefit for TVR&P is an equal benefit to TVSA, because 2 million free smackaroos are in sight, is to teach young people how conservative organization leaders can so quickly become dishonest the moment 2 million free green ones bump into the image screen of such minds.

As is always the case amid contradictions created by organization leaders, if you might suspect such a result, there are some dissenting TVR&P members who are less than impressed with the leadership using the shooting range excuse to sell-out TVSA's property. They oppose the apparent scam. But they do not know what questions to ask, in what manner, to effectively illuminate the contradictions of their own leaders who are damaging the public reputation of their own indoor target shooting institution. If your institution cannot exist on its own merits, and you fabricate contradictions to sustain its existence at the cost of another institution, you will not attract commonly intelligent and thus honest people to your institution, you will be left amid ignorant, gullible people, and you would wisely suggest that your children not associate with it unless you consider your children to be so intellectually absent that they will never figure out the lie. Figure it out right now, before any adult fools you into supporting institutions led by people who will train your mind to be as gullible and ignorant as they.

More indicative of these institutional thrashings-about, is that the leader who is most noticeably adamant that TVSA's property must be sold to get a functionally free indoor shooting range farther away from Fairbanks and thus not as attractive to new members, is not an active TVR&P member. The free shooting range image that he harps on, is just one in the string of excuses to sell TVSA property. Power needs no substance behind the rhetorical illusions it will fabrication to serve itself. Because the primary leader is using words void of substance, the people who routinely stop short in their questioning process could easily conclude that this is a conspiracy by a few anti-gunners or anti-sportsmen within the organization, who want to damage the otherwise superlative growth potential of TVSA. The effect is not deniable. But a few more questions reveal that it is not a conspiracy. Power-damaged minds are not sufficiently intelligent to maintain a conspiracy, and commonly intelligent people do not attempt such inherently doomed contradictions. A conspiracy is just a lie or fabricated contradiction among two or more unthinking people, usually with a damaging intent. An example would be an organizational faction in current power, selling TVSA's property to benefit TVR&P in the name of TVSA. Such people simply hold power-damaged minds, and will do nearly anything to advance their power, while their mind recognizes no contradictions in their actions, even if they read the foregoing sentence. That is precisely what will happen to your mind if you believe rather than severely question adults, and then question their answers.

TVR&P has taught formal target shooting classes for young people, establishing a recognized community service.

Now notice an interesting twist that illuminates the compounded results of a leadership which evades questions and thus trains their minds to be unable to solve simple problems easily solved by asking and answering questions.

The local borough government, insatiably greedy and corrupt by definition of government, noticed that the TVSA property was worth a lot of money, so the government boys suddenly jacked up the property tax, to an unaffordable level for the non-profit TVSA which did not provide itself with a reliable or adequate income for expenses.

Notice in the following how organization leaders perpetuate problems to use as excuses for certain contradicted and thus doomed goals, rather than simply solve the identified problems when they are first identified or manifested.

The $30,000 annual tax was not affordable, and TVSA had only a bit more than that left in an old savings account it had frittered away. The savings account was created from the free money TVSA got from part of its originally larger land area being taken by condemnation for an adjacent a street. The members did not work for that money. What happens to free money?

The solution to the unaffordable tax was easy. The law allows for non-profit, public service organizations to exempt their property from property tax in the Fairbanks area, as is common for most jurisdictions. TVSA clearly met the criteria.

But the leadership had already made known its desire to sell the property to get money to build themselves a new shooting facility somewhere. There were many open discussions at meetings, with maps, about where TVSA could buy cheap land and build a shooting range, with the money it got by selling the Chena River property. And the impossible tax burden was their ideal excuse to use against the members who sought to protect the original asset. All the leadership rhetoric was based on the imperative to sell the property because TVSA could not afford the new tax. The leaders disparaged and refused to act on membership attempts to otherwise solve the problem. The detailed proposals to sell the property to get a lot of money long preceded and still precede any credible plan for what the money would actually achieve after ALL processes and expenses were concluded and accounted for, identical to government process, and opposite the process of successful private enterprise, illuminating the classic functioning of simple greed. TVSA money was spent to get a professional appraisal of the property, despite the value being common knowledge from several sources, before any authorization to sell was acquired. There was no need for the commercial appraisal, except to sell the property. Amusingly, the proof of the leadership intent to sell is already a matter of record, while the current leadership is still trying to cobble-together more refined but still laughably flawed illusions of having some plan. The plan and process to sell the assets for money preceded any identifiable plan for a use that benefits the sportsmen, on indelible record. Responsible administrators of assets fully account for the concluding product before they decide to sell hard assets to purchase the product.

There were several months before the new tax would take effect, plenty of time for the leaders to secure the property under a tax exempt status allowed in law. But each meeting seemed to have an arbitrarily suggested, not enough members, to discuss the problem, according to the leaders. They wanted more members at each next meeting. The leaders did nothing new to correct their obviously failing process to get more members to meetings, yet repeatedly used the excuse, fooling only fools. And time was therefore willfully allowed to go by without a solution, until the tax took effect to drain the bank account.

During that time, one member simply prepared the paperwork, at great cost to his time, to immediately place TVSA under an existing law to exempt the property from taxes, and presented that paperwork to the leaders, and said he would answer any questions. THE LEADERS ASKED NO QUESTIONS, read that again, they asked no questions. They did nothing, and refused to discuss the simple process. Only long after the results of their inaction, they said that their lawyers advised them that the process was not applicable. The TVSA LEADERS DID NOT ASK THEIR LAWYERS ANY RELATED QUESTIONS. They did not ask the writer of the process, any questions that would arise from what the lawyers said. They used their power of office to block the reasoning process in their own mind, as is the inescapable dictate of power in the human mind, leaving themselves and the TVSA members identified as laughably ignorant people who flee the process to learn the knowledge they purportedly sought. The TVSA leaders represented their members like NRA Directors represent their members.

In fact, the TVSA main man, at a much later member meeting, formally informed the membership that a lawyer referenced the writer of that paperwork in expressed terminology that was not flatterous of his intellectual acumen, if you can imagine such an outrage. The poor sad lawyer could have been quite accurate, except his conclusion was bare, with no reasoning. And identical to the typical lawyer, the unquestioning TVSA leader could present no reasoning to support the bare conclusion. If I suggested that you were perhaps loco, I could be correct or incorrect, and my reasoning for that conclusion would verify the accuracy or failing of my conclusion. Without the reasoning, the bare conclusion only illuminates my absence of intellectual ability and thus your likely greater ability, which is why a wise person can never be successfully insulted. Either the insult cannot be supported with sound reasoning, to the mind of the listener, and thus only defines he who offers the insult, or it can be supported with sound reasoning, and thus the person so described has acquired useful new knowledge from the reasoning, to therefore advance himself beyond what was a previous error for lack of that particular knowledge, and thus no longer be what was described. Is that not so? Would you not always invite such criticism and its reasoning to therefore always advance your knowledge and ability beyond what criticism illuminates? Do not fumble your mind into the drain of sound-byte conclusions, as do institution leaders and other such titled sorts who make themselves progressively more ignorant by relying on the rhetorical illusions of their titles that can never replace reasoning. The Esteemed Professor Emeritus of All Knowledge at Harvard or Joe Scat the ragman could say that you are a genius or an idiot, and have said nothing of merit without the reasoning. The design of your mind will serve you well, if you use it.

The writer of the process could have answered any questions created by any lawyer. But the TVSA leaders just mindlessly did what the lawyers said, without question, if in fact there were any lawyers as claimed, which coincidentally served the leadership purpose to let time go by with no action. A perceptive person might recognize the legal consequence of that malfeasant or nonfeasant action if anyone wanted to introduce it under due process of law for full liability of the TVSA officers if the target shooters scam TVSA out of its property. The record is indelible. But one more wisely takes pity on such embarrassing leaders. They are the type people who trained their mind to follow Charlton Heston because he is a movie star, and follow a lawyer because he is a government licensed liar, or Bush/Clinton because they wave the flag, or anyone else holding the rhetorical illusion of a title other than their personal name. Never follow anyone. Question them. Your mind is of their mind's same design. Use it. If they refuse or cannot answer your questions to convey the knowledge they use for their decisions, you are a fool to believe or follow them. Your mind is worth more to you than that for which conservative adults wasted theirs.

In time, because truth cannot be forever hidden, younger Fairbanks area sportsmen and others who think even a scant bit more than adults, will recognize that those TVSA leaders could have obviously placed TVSA under an existing property tax exemption law and retained 30,000 federal reserve skins. Thinking people will just shake their head at the ignorance and dishonesty of adults who are conservatives.

How do you describe the high school student who is stoned on dope and sits in the back of the classroom, NEVER ASKING ANY QUESTIONS?

How would you describe organization leaders suddenly facing a single 90 percent drain on their organization's bank account, into the government rathole, and asking no questions?

The results were the time delay that made the $30,000 tax due, and depleted the TVSA savings account while the leaders therefore emphasized that the members had no choice but to sell the property because there was no operating capital left. What happens to money that comes easy? What will happen to the easy money that the same leaders get if they sell the TVSA property?

It illuminates only one of the many contradictions to note that the 30,000 green ones came from a savings account that had long prior been specifically separated and set aside from the operating funds. The operating funds before and after the tax loss were identical. Being bilked out of 30,000 in the savings account, by malfeasance or nonfeasance, was not related to the dishonest excuse the leaders then used to insist that the property must be sold. There is no such thing as a lie that can be supported with anything but more lies.

What could TVSA do with 30,000 dollaroos? Amusingly, TVR&P later stated that the improvement they needed for their shooting range in the basement of the TVSA lodge, would cost $27,000. The logical reaction is to laugh at them again.

Late in that game an increasing number of members were pointing to other local non-profit organizations, exempt from property taxes under existing laws, including multi-million and billion dollar corporations which are the usual political darlings of certain RepublicratDemocans. The TVSA leaders could not dodge the tax exemption issue any more.

So they used another tax exemption process, to ask the borough assembly to write a new law specifically exempting TVSA from property taxes. That is the common beg-for-your-rights, majority-rule process used by ignorant people to turn their rights into deniable privileges.

Now, this paragraph is another aside of great value to you young people, that no conservative's mind can ever understand the rest of their life, nor will you if you become a conservative, even if you show them these words and hand them a dictionary. Every lawyer will flee these words, and deny that they exist, even denouncing and ridiculing them, because this is a brief indicator of the Achilles heel of the institution of lawyers, the most universally hated professional liars all over the world, for verifiable cause described elsewhere. And so self-deluded are lawyers, a result of the quantifiable damage that power does to the human mind, that lawyers cannot even recognize the otherwise noticeable expressions of hatred and ridicule for lawyers among their own friends and family, much to the laughter of observers. Pity the lawyers. They will never access their mind's reasoning process. The words of the law hold their meaning. If you find a prevailing law that is applied to anyone, and you do precisely what those words state in the written law, you are protected by that law. You need only easily learn how to access that process. All people are equal under the law. There can be no law that applies to one person, that does not apply to another person equally, despite what lawyers tell you with rhetorical illusions and your perceptions of the morass of inferior laws contradicted by superior laws. If a law exists to exempt a non-profit entity from property taxes in a jurisdiction, if your entity matches the words of that law, then you cannot be denied property tax exemption, despite all the lawyers suffering apoplexy at the thought that anyone might be reading these words and learn that the written law rules above the legal opinions of idiot lawyers bilking clients who are too lazy or too stupid to simply ask a few questions. You lawyers, do not worry, there are plenty of unquestioning conservatives and liberals, perpetually fooled by their unquestioning parents and your lies, for you to bilk the rest of your lives. Now add to the above the maxim of law, that the only lawful way, and the routinely manifested way, to separate you from your rights, is for you to willfully ask permission for what is otherwise a right that cannot require permission for its exercise, by definition.

It can be no other way, by design of the human mind. If you could not lawfully access the protection of a previously written law for an action described in that law, there would have to be a separate law written to make each individual action of each individual person and association, lawful. Such a morass of inferior laws is, of course, precisely what the idiot DemocanRepublicrat liberal/conservatives and their lawyers are attempting to impose on this nation. That ultimately doomed process creates the compounding contradictions that they use as excuses to pay themselves well to tell gullible taxpayers that the leaders and their lawyers are working to solve those obvious contradictions. That process also entertains the commonly intelligent observers who are amused watching idiots perform in public. The task of those idiots is made easy by the conservative adults never asking questions, and just mindlessly doing as they are told by dolts with government titles, including the government licensed title of, lawyer. There is a process to not be subjected to that idiot-drill.

That self-compounding morass of inferior laws is precisely what the Soviets were piling up when they therefore collapsed their system under its own weight. The Soviet citizens could not lawfully do anything without being individually given official permission by law, for each thing they needed to do, and the Kremlin could not hire enough loyal and thus idiot bureaucrats fast enough to fill out all the paperwork to give each other permission to lawfully do those things imperative to live, before the people belatedly got hungry and just plain pissed at that idiot-drill, and dumped it. The reason the Kremlin boys could not roll the tanks again, as most people expected of them, is because the government bureaucracy had thoroughly pissed off the entire society which could no longer function without getting permission that was not available, and the people were ready to break out the guns hidden in the woodwork, and the Kremlin boys knew that.

The identical result is going to happen in this nation, without any possible escape under the RepublicratDemocan regime, much to the amusement of observers. Power is more predictable than the sunrise. You cannot even exercise your right to harmlessly walk on your own public land in the National Parks, without paying monetary tribute to the king, plus fill out his idiot paperwork, and that is the least of the social stagnation foisted onto the people in this nation by the mental midgets sitting on their East Coast thrones. But before the Washington DC boys collapse their scam, you will suffer more greatly for the adults still voting for the DemocanRepublicrat, Kremlin-mentality thugs who will kill more of their own citizens before they surrender their raw power back to the rights of the people. Waco was only a minor indicator. Enjoy the Homeland Security Gestapo.

Do not let your mind become as gullible as the conservatives and their ilk.

Again, for emphasis, the act of asking permission to exercise an action, is the act, recognized in the prevailing law, of your willfully surrendering any right to exercise that action, as logic and thus prevailing law dictates. It is the only action that can lawfully define a willful surrender of a right, and a right cannot otherwise be separated from a human mind. The mind must willfully surrender, of its own decision, on record recognized by law, what only the mind can surrender. Any use of force or external deception to separate you from your rights, constitutes a crime defined in the prevailing law, and you therefore retain your rights when and before the force or deception inherently fails. If you fail to learn how to ask effective questions, as have adult conservatives, you will never learn how to protect your rights by process of law, from inherently malicious government thugs and their equally ignorant, lying lawyers.

That process of citizens willfully surrendering their rights by their own decision and action of asking government drones permission to exercise an action, is the process that NRA leaders are lucratively using to fool gullible gun owning conservative NRA members out of their money and rights. Among their similar political ploys, the NRA-led process to get each State to adopt an inferior law requiring gullible people to ask permission (get a permit) to carry a (concealed) gun, supported by NRA-fooled gun owners, is the process of those people willingly, on signed record, surrendering their superior law right to bear arms otherwise without written restriction relating to the visibility of the gun. And the gun owners send the embarrassingly over-paid NRA executives and their non-competitive contract, sweetheart consulting company executives, over a hundred million dollars each year to progressively keep fooling gun owners out of their rights. That is how dumb the conservatives are, and they cannot figure out their error even if they read these words, because they are not writing any questions.

I can assure you that the rich NRA insiders, not most of the gullible, unquestioning and thus useless Directors, are laughing at the gun owners they are so easily fooling. But I may be wrong. Consider if they were not laughing at those whom they fool into sending more money for what the test of time has proven as the process that methodically fools the populace out of their gun owner rights. Were that so, the NRA leaders would have to be sincere, and thus have fooled their own minds with their own rhetorical illusions they did not question. Their minds would therefore genuinely believe that people must ask equal humans who only got a government job, for permission to exercise an inherently unalienable human right, defying the definition of a right, and thus define NRA leaders as so flat ignorant that they do not even know what a right is, while claiming to be defending rights. Who, if not conservatives, would follow such mental midget leaders with self-deluded minds? Do not be among them. Simply ask the questions they are too cowardice to ask while they thump their chests, display their old military medals, brandish their guns and wave the flag.

He who attempts to fool others with unquestioned statements, hears himself more that other people hear him, and thus fools his own mind sooner and more thoroughly than others. You train your mind by the words you use. If you keep saying that you must get a permit (permission) to exercise a right, your mind will shortly believe that ludicrous lie, while commonly intelligent people thus laugh at your resulting displays of self-delusion.

In contrast, he who asks questions causes his own mind to think more thoroughly, resolving the contradictions illuminated by the questions, if he simply answers the questions, leaving herself or himself with more knowledge, and thus among those wise enough to do the same. Be that wise. When you are about to make a statement that inherently could be wrong, change it into a question. When you are about to make a statement that inherently could be wrong, would you not be wiser to change it into a question which cannot be wrong, and would create more thought to thus more likely ascertain the correct answer? Well? Read those two sentences again. Therein your goal is to become so practiced at asking and answering questions, that, besides obviously advancing your knowledge beyond the other guy, you fear no question that any human mind can devise, and can answer such questions. You will therefore laugh robustly watching conservatives cowardicely flee questions that even children can answer. If you do not practice the piano and asking questions, you will not get good at them. Your mind requires training. You are only human. The power-damaged mind has ludicrously fooled itself into believing that it no longer needs any training.

There are many contradictions that quickly lead the power-damaged mind away from the solution to its original contradictions, by design of contradictions. The NRA leaders who are fooling gun owners out of their rights, by supporting inferior laws seemingly requiring people to ask permission to exercise their rights, include NRA insiders, among them current and previous Directors, who therefore are easily deriving very large amounts of money by signing paperwork, such as proof of required safety courses, for people to qualify to fill out more government budget-excuse paperwork, to get the permits. What does easy money do to human minds? Those who derive wealth from the process to fool you out of your rights will always be vocal in telling you how necessary their idiot drill is for the good of the public. Their greed-based words further fool their own minds into those hilarious displays of their cranium's abject intellectual vacuum. Pity those worthless adult humans, and do not let that happen to your mind. NRA is saturated with magnificent examples of greed-based self delusion.

TVSA leaders willfully used the process of dodging questions at meetings and elsewhere, and attempting to get a new law written for an old action already covered in law, to successfully delay their response to the new tax. By the time the new law was considered, under normal bureaucratic process, it was too late to save the 30,000 green dollar bills in the TVSA savings account. TVSA leaders then organized expressions of public support among Fairbanks area sportsmen to surrender their rights under existing written law, to beg for a new Borough law granting TVSA what was therefore only a privilege of property tax exemption. The law was adopted, and the TVSA property became tax exempt.

As an aside, the action more thoroughly fooled the TVSA leaders and unquestioning members into believing that the way to be allowed to exercise your rights is to beg government chaps for them. While today you need not beg me for anything, if I simply get a government job, I could therefore easily make those gullible sorts fooled by TVSA leaders beg me for permission to be granted the protection of law. Do not ever let your mind become so gullible and useless to you that it believes you would ever have to beg me or any other human for your rights that are already defined in written law, just because I or such a person gets a government job. An illusion was rewarded, further training gullible minds that the illusion is real because of the straw-man reward of granting you what you already hold. It is so easy to fool unquestioning minds with rhetorical illusions that even Hitler and Clinton were popular among fools. Do not become the disgusting and useless beggars-for-their-rights, that American conservative adults have become.

And therefore the amusement increased. Although the TVSA bank account was drained, there was no longer any real excuse to sell the property because it was secured against a high dollar annual cost, despite a current and commonly cyclic low level of activity in TVSA. That did not slow the target shooting leadership intent to sell the property out from under TVSA. They just more loudly emphasized that they did not have enough money in the bank account to operate TVSA, and thus they had to sell the property, while ignoring and not allowing for discussion of that deception or several suggested ways to generate the scant money needed for the current low level of activity. The rhetorical illusion of urgency was advanced. The leaders had the property surveyed and platted for subdivision before they even acquired membership authority to sell it. Nothing spurs a bureaucratically trained mind into more feverish activity than the threat of no identifiable need for its greed, much to the amusement of observers.

Oh, you might notice that a lot of sportsmens clubs have a high percentage of current and retired government personnel in their leaderships, routinely complaining about the government attacks on the rights of sportsmen, unable to figure out how to solve that easily solved problem, and clueless of the connection even if they read these words. Might you wish to read those words again? When they were government agents they created and could not solve the problems about which the sportsmen complained. And then when the same government sorts, usually retired, became the sportsmens club leaders, they could not solve the problems they prior created, and were still being created by their replacement government clones, if you can imagine such an obvious result, while the sportsmen keep rightfully complaining about the obvious contradictions accumulating from the government actions. The same people claimed to be solving the same problems that they persistently failed to solve with what they alternately claimed to be opposing and cooperating organizations. You want to be among the observers, laughing robustly. You can do that by simply asking the questions that illuminate the readily available solutions that power-damaged minds will never comprehend even if you talk to them in plain English. Besides and because of the commonality of their holding titles of office, altering their perceptions, the commonality they share is their dodging questions as government bureaucrats and then as private organization leaders, and thus the reason they cannot discover the knowledge of why they are failing. Do not dodge questions like the ignorant adults do.

There is no such thing as power, no matter how slight, that does not corrupt, that is, alter, the perceptions of the human mind that foolishly accepts a title or position of power. I can assure you of that, from experience, and you can more wisely prove it before you ever foolishly accept any power, with a certain series of questions. Notice who dodges questions. One of the most difficult things that any human can do is to question himself or herself back out of the intellectually debilitating damage that power does to the human mind. The task is almost never achieved, by definition of power. What you might perceive as any rare exception is the result of a slightly different process beyond the scope of this website. Start questioning authority early in life, with real questions, written, while you are young, BEFORE you otherwise stumble into a title or position of petty power, or time will pass and you will easily become one of the countless people plodding your way into some petty title of organizational power, no matter how slight, and your perceptions will be altered by design of the human mind, and it will therefore become as clueless of the process to resolve contradictions by asking and answering questions, as displayed by TVSA leaders and other conservatives. There is an absolute proof, discussed elsewhere.

So with no financial need to sell TVSA's property, as a result of it being tax exempt, the pure greed of the target shooters, to try to get something for nothing, at the cost of the other guy, is not deniable, proving as a lie the espoused principles of conservatives.

TVSA can patiently cycle through its current low ebb of activity, conserving its highly desirable asset of 13 acres on the Chena River, until it predictably acquires more inspired and capable leaders, who will then have that prime location for what will therefore be a highly desirable organization for Fairbanks area sportsmen. There are no excuses which prevail. The current TVSA leadership fools only fools, and one might ask how the Fairbanks area target shooters or Tanana Valley Rifle and Pistol Club leaders define themselves for public judgment. The test of time illuminates all lies and scams.

One such amusing excuse being fanned by their lot identifies how conservative leaders use half truths the same way as used by the liberals whom the conservatives accuse of using half truths, if you can imagine such an ploy. Even a perceptive child can recognize how the conservatives and liberals do as they blame each other, but not the adult conservatives and liberals. Do not end up as addled as they. During the begging process to convince the Borough politicos to grant TVSA tax exemption for the property, local sportsmen said that, as one of many genuine public benefits offered by TVSA, TVSA provides a shooting range (through TVR&P) for public hunter and shooter, gun safety education. That is indeed a good public benefit, especially since the liberals incessantly decry the dangers of guns.

But the full truth illuminates the functional lie of the TVSA leaders then harping on that item at subsequent meetings as an implied imperative to sell the property to build another shooting range because the existing one is purportedly not adequate (shiny enough) and TVSA must provide that public benefit. 1. That is not the only reason for the tax exemption. 2. The exemption law does not require the continuation of that specific activity. 3. The existing range in the basement of the TVSA lodge can easily be improved to correct the deficiencies it is purported to have, despite it not becoming a shiny new range with all the expensive bells and whistles that the target shooters crave. 4. There are other target shooting facilities in town, including the expensive new government indoor shooting range for which the taxpayers were bilked as usual, that can be optimized for public benefit by using TVSA property for non-firing portions of hunter and shooter gun safety education, satisfying the public benefit in that regard. 5. Selling the property under every proposal discussed by the target shooters identifiably diminishes the general public benefit inherent to the existing location, and concentrates an obviously limited benefit with a small group of target shooters. 6. The existing property is more than adequate and is also optimal for TVR&P members to build an entirely new indoor shooting range by the old fashioned conservative way, working to earn the new shooting range and thus learning the value of maintaining it rather than running it into the ground. 7. The greatest potential public benefit offered by a sportsmens organization is proportional to its proximity to the greatest population pool of the public, illuminating the logic of retaining the current property so located. 8. The same is true for the physical space to offer related services, illuminating the logic of retaining the 13 acres rather than a smaller lot with only an indoor shooting range. 9. And further obvious reasoning disproving the rhetorical fabrications of the self-serving target shooters.

The leadership's string of excuses and rhetorical illusions cannot survive against the questions and reasoning that the leaders therefore refuse to allow time for expressing during the meetings, and dodge the questions if they are asked. The excuses are all centered on getting a free new indoor target shooting range, in the pandered name of TVSA, but at its cost, by leaders overtly dodging organizational leadership responsibility for benefiting Tanana valley sportsmen as such. Their fleeting lip service to the sportsmen, between efforts to benefit the target shooters, fools only fools.

If TVR&P conservatives cannot work hard enough to earn an indoor shooting range they use, with the most desirable land in town available to them free, land that is most convenient to most of the TVR&P members thus attracting more support, precisely what verifiable facts for accountable record, in whose name for public scrutiny, convinces them or any rational person that they can work hard enough to maintain a range they build out where it will attract less support, and also overcome that limitation to accumulate the assets to replace it when it too becomes outdated? That question can be answered with an itemized answer that may easily illuminate the lack of wisdom in selling TVSA property for what will inherently fail. But if the leaders are too incompetent to even attempt to accountably answer the question for record, their ultimate failure is inescapable, and TVSA will be functionally defrauded of its property by leadership malfeasance.

He who fears to answer the aforementioned question could not even successfully maintain an outhouse. If the goal is to attract new members to TVSA, would you build a new facility on an attractively forested lot on the Chena River close to the population center of potential members, or on a notably lesser lot some distance from town? If you want more members for a sportsmens association, in the long run, would you retain the opportunities inherent to a beautiful 13 acre lot on the river near town, or trade it for a single building with a parking lot, farther from town, created for the image and utility of indoor target shooters, and therefore attracting only them? Are fishermen, boaters, big game hunters, bowhunters, trappers, snow machiners and a cross section of other outdoor sportsmen attracted to a noisy indoor shooting range, that has an extra room for meetings, or a lodge on spacious forested property on the river bank, near town, that also has an indoor shooting range in the basement or at one end of the parking lot, and room for other outdoor activities? Who fears to write the answer to the question that even a child can answer, if not those who are too incompetent to make accountable decisions from available data?

Was the TVSA goal to advance TVSA and also benefit TVR&P, or to advance TVR&P at the cost of TVSA? Who fears to answer the question on record, if not people who are not competent to successfully lead any organization? Can hollow rhetoric about this or that and doing god, successfully replace line-item accounting for verifiable actions on record, if the first resulting decision is to sell hard assets for fleeting dollar bills? Sound decisions are identified by all the questions having been answered in writing for accountability to the test of time. Would you seek to make sound decisions? If you do, you must train your mind for that skill.

It is the answers to those and other questions that any honest person can sign their name for public judgment of one's wisdom. Dishonest people must flee the questions. Train your mind to be honest, and thus question the incessant lies of the adults.

Consider an instructive example. The Gold Nugget Skydivers were previously an active and dynamic skydiving club in Fairbanks, with high energy members. The only safe, intelligent and fun way to get back to the ground after launching into the air in a man-made mechanical device likely to ultimately fail and wearing out in the interim, is to jump back out, but wait until you get to jump altitude. One member of the club suggested that they start acquiring money to buy land and build a clubhouse. The land fund was started with money donated by that member. But when the fund later became an attractive source of free money for the subsequent leadership, those new leaders proposed a different use for the money, in the expressed name of attracting more members to generate more money to repay the fund with more money. Of course you are laughing, recognizing the same old rhetorical crap offered by those who want something for nothing, and promise to do good. The person who started the fund stated that if the money was diverted from its original purpose, it would be spent, and the leaders would then pander excuses as to why the FREE money they spent for their interests inherently did not create anything of value. The money was spent. That was years ago. Have you ever heard of the Gold Nugget Skydivers? Do they have any land or clubhouse in Fairbanks? The member who started the fund, myself, laughed robustly. The Gold Nugget Skydivers are nothing more than an old embroidered patch in a cardboard box somewhere.

The words of the conservatives are absolutely accurate. The conservatives simply never utilize the meanings of their own words, defining why liberals exist. If you have a good idea, and you are too damn lazy to start earning the separate assets to manifest that idea, then it is not a good idea. It is instead a utopian idea beyond your willingness to manifest it. The conservatives say that to the liberals, and TVSA leaders apparently demonstrate that the conservatives lie. If a rhetorically described idea of a shiny new indoor shooting range cannot attract the separate assets to completely build and maintain it, then the idea is a utopian idea, and will fail, by definition. Words cannot in themselves create substance. The substance must prove the words. The liberals recognize the lies of the conservatives when the conservatives accuse the liberals of what the conservatives manifest.

In contrast to the Gold Nugget Skydivers, the Alaskan Alpine Club, of mountain climbers, was created in 1979 at Fairbanks, to defend the rights of climbers against the Alaska Lands Act related attacks by environmentalists and their darling National Park Service swine. I apologize for therein slighting the good character of farmyard pigs. The climbers are a high energy adventure lot similar to the skydivers, sometimes the same people. Among other things, they started a fund to buy land and for clubhouse. There were several later attempts by a minority of members and leaders eying that accumulating land fund, to divert or skim it, inherent to the corruption of any power, no matter how slight. But wisdom prevailed because the wiser leaders, having learned that lesson, unmercifully browbeat the deadbeats who wanted to divert or skim the fund. The majority leaders used words such as you are reading, and you can imagine why. How might you therefore judge the majority leadership? Among other things, the Alaskan Alpine Club acquired the land, a clubhouse, is one of the two United States representatives in the 60 nation International Union of Alpinists Associations (usually with only one representative per nation), has achieved goals still unattainable by many powerful organizations in the US, and holds a list of other attributes and public benefits significantly disproportional to its wisely retained small size. Wisdom is worth vastly more than illusions of power.

The substance of acquiring and protecting the hard asset of land contributed to the substance of building other programs. Build substance into your words, to therefore build more substance upon them, and never rob that substance least you will destroy all that was built upon those words. Do not sell existing assets. Instead, protect them and build on them. You can check out

If you are not capable of building on what you were given, you will not be capable of maintaining what you build with what you surrender. A fool would suggest otherwise. If you teach the next generation to surrender what you give them, for an inherently lesser and thus unsustainable goal, by surrendering what you were given in the same manner, then they will do as you did, to derive yet less, and impart the same flaw onto their children. It is the process to teach people to be lazy. It is the government process, of never building upon one's own labor, and constantly living off the labor of others, by forced taxation, without giving them anything for which they would willingly pay. Under that lesson, in time, your thus lazy children, grand children and social sector, along with the concepts they hold dear, will be brushed aside by people willing to compete among competitive humans to build what your class of people were too lazy to build by their own efforts, and it will not be of your design or preferences. You will have surrendered those.

For more direct comparison, consider the University of Alaska's alpine club, purportedly consisting of Fairbanks area mountain climbers, supposedly the same people who created the Alaskan Alpine Club. The University club was founded years earlier. As an instructive aside, the climbers first tried to get the existing alpine club leaders to meet their responsibility to help defend the rights of climbers when the Park Service grabbed the Alaska mountains in the Alaska Lands Act. But the existing club leaders held petty power, and therefore rendered their minds incapable of responding to reasoning. In fact, they represented the environmentalists who incessantly attack the rights of climbers with the power of the University of Alaska and their darling National Park Service drones, to save the wilderness from those damn mountain climbers and the rest of you people, in the name of mountain climbers and the public good, of course, wave the flag. Because they had evolved into what TVSA evolved into, an organization serving the power of its leaders rather than its original espousals, the real mountain climbers formed their own club. The services and facilities that the University club leadership acquired, were free, tax paid through the University. What of value can you create and sustain from that which is free? The University's club, purportedly of the same climbers, could have achieved all that the real climbers achieved, and much more with the huge value of services and facilities given them by the University. They were given what the current TVSA leaders want to get, something for nothing. When real mountain climbers arrive at Fairbanks, and get directed to the University club, and then later they find the real climber club, they consistently mention that they knew something was wrong, and that the University club does not have actual climbers. If TVR&P usurps TVSA assets, they will later only reveal their dishonesty and never be able to successfully play the part of the general sportsmen they ceased to be when they defined themselves as TVR&P. The Fairbanks area sportsmen will always speak ill of the indoor target shooters who sold off TVSA's remarkable piece of property to get TVR&P's indoor shooting range. Do not claim to be what you are not. You cannot sustain it. You can check the University's alpine club out at whatever their web site is called, something dot something slash something, free from the University of Alaska. It is linked at

The target shooters are unalterably adamant that a new shooting range for themselves will attract more TVSA members who will therefore bring in more money and solve all the problems. Ask them why the existing range did not do that, and in fact created the problem they current say is the reason to sell the property, and watch them flee the question. Ask them what a sportsmen's club is, and what an indoor target shooter's club is, and what happens when one tries to live at the expense of the other? To whom does the TVSA land belong?

Worse. The target shooters have consistently pandered the idea that with the money they get from selling the property, they can build an indoor shooting range on some cheap land, with half the money, and put the rest of the money in an investment account to earn interest to pay for the ongoing management of the shooting range, and thus get a completely free ride. What a deal! Excuse me while I wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes. That free ride idea has taken everyone who tried it right to the same destination, much to their befuddlement. Go ahead, tell that one to the next generation of young people whom the intellectually absent conservatives said they wanted to become responsible citizens. These conservatives are enough to make you wonder. Or instead, simply ask the questions to discover that the conservatives are working with the dictionary in the outhouse. It loses another page each day.

So what would honest TVSA leaders do if they represented TVSA at an ebb of activity, and wanted to increase that activity? Keep in mind that they have an asset that every outdoor organization in town, except the more affluent, already well landed dog mushers, would dearly like to have or use, prime land on the Chena River. If the TVSA leaders went to the local mountain climbers and told them that they could build an outdoor climbing wall on the TVSA property, there in the trees next to the Chena River, for rock climbing in the summer and ice climbing in the winter, TVSA might get a lot of enthused new dues paying members, and more in the future. There is also more than enough space for the local canoers and kayakers who could build a club-related launching place for popular day paddling on the Chena, and thus join TVSA to advance it. It would be a more exclusive club thing separate from the public places currently used. Etceteras. The potential of a diversified outdoor sportsmen focal point on that prime location convenient to the population center is great, and would compound the benefits as the activity increased. A bowhunter coming to shoot at straw targets on the land might enjoy watching climbing on the climbing wall, and check out the canoers launching their boats, and vice versa, etcetera.

Of course the old-thinking indoor target shooters in TVSA, whose vision may be restricted to the width of their paper target, would suffer apoplexy at the suggestion of any outdoor sportsman who is not a good-ol-boy target shooter or moose hunter, joining TVSA. The leaders would likely spew a volume of excuses to block any such suggestions. For the same reason they blocked full discussion of the flaws of their selling the TVSA property, their minds are not capable of methodically addressing each contradiction they perceive, and create the solutions. TVSA leaders demonstrate that they literally do not know the process to ask and answer a series of questions to solve the problems they rhetorically fabricate. They thus block their advancement in an ever-advancing world.

Consider another popular excuse advanced by narrow-thinking people, to block an opportunity. And laugh robustly that this excuse is often used by people who formally facilitate young people shooting guns. They often say that the liability of a dangerous activity, such as climbing wall, is too great. They get inherently dishonest lawyers, who will always mouth the words that money buys, to agree. Lawyers love the liability illusion they so profitably use. So why have climbing walls and other inherently dangerous activities sponsored by organizations, proliferated around the world? All the other people are sufficiently intelligent to easily solve that problem. Why would the next humans not be that intelligent? One of the many processes to limit liability of any activity, such as a climbing wall, without fooling oneself into the expensive insurance gambit that attracts lawsuits, is to isolate the spot of land on which the wall is built, in a particular type of trust, even dividing the facility from the land in a separate trust, as well as the responsible entity in another trust, thus eliminating any lucrative assets attracting litigous lawyers, and turn the use-agreement into a contract with liability separation. Not one of the TVSA leaders, or any lawyer they can afford, understand the substance of the forgoing words, much to their anger at anyone daring to speak truth in face of their embarrassingly ignorant lawyers. But anyone else can understand that process by simply asking each resulting question until they acquire the data that leaves no question unanswered for the goal. It is the process of resolving each actual contradiction, rather than fabricating a morass of rhetorical contradictions to fool oneself into whatever some idiot with a title says.

There is another laughable excuse popular among unthinking conservatives and liberals. TVSA is politically active, as are many people in our society where the hate-based minds of conservatives and liberals, with their DemocanRepublicrat attack dogs, are maliciously attacking the rights of everyone with a pulse, and sometimes those without one. Each organized side of a political squabbling match often fears those other guys joining their organization and subverting it, much to the amusement of observers. The fear is institutionally pervasive, a result of leaders creating and sustaining contradictions that can never be successfully hidden. For amusing example, the childish central leadership clique of NRA is persistently accusing the ever-changing minority faction of Directors who ask any questions of the leadership clique, of being The Enemy Within, year after year, openly accused of that on record in the Board meetings. The central clique uses an array of expensive, professionally orchestrated political tactics to incessantly attack those NRA Directors not favored by the central clique, every year. The expensive game often gets politically vicious, with even insider Directors suddenly being defined as The Enemy Within, and put on LaPierre's Do Not Vote For list, because a higher insider saw them talking to a Director among the current minority faction. The ever-changing minority Directors are the slightly more thinking sorts who attempt to discuss at least the most obvious, self-defeating tactics of the NRA majority Directors who cannot figure out why their espousals keep failing while they attack themselves. Unity, Unity, the NRA central clique has shouted at the Directors whom the central clique then attacks, to evade questions. And that is the least of the saturating contradictions perpetuated by the childish NRA leadership. Those boys and girls are always a hoot. In that regard, for TVSA, if the leaders fear expanding beyond the central click of good-ol-boy gun enthusiasts, to attract other sportsmen enthusiasts, a simple membership contract can simply state that for any member's expressed or demonstrated association with TVSA membership, he or she agrees to publicly endorse and not contradict the following rights: and then simply itemize the unalienable rights in a definitive manner. Each person can thereafter endorse and do whatever they jolly well want, but not associate that with TVSA membership unless it conforms to the contract, thus securing the political views and structure of a politically active entity, by contract, without restricting anyone's views or actions as individuals or members of other organizations. If the prospective member does not wish to agree, they need not join TVSA or derive TVSA benefits. Such a logical solution for that fear is not really needed, but answers the question of that fear.

Of course one can laugh because the conservatives and liberals do not know what a right is, to describe it in a membership form. The poor conservatives already willfully surrendered their controlling human right to the government, thus surrendering their subordinate right to keep and bear arms, by process of prevailing law, by willfully surrendering the ownership of their bodies to the government, by formally endorsing and maintaining the government's authority to determine what an adult citizen may or may not put into their own body, and into its hands, via the idiot drug laws, in categorical violation of the Ninth Amendment of the Constitution, much to the howling laughter of the observers. All rights are lawfully predicated on your absolute ownership, title and right to manage your own body, as an adult. If you willfully surrender that right by process recognized in law, then you lawfully hold no rights, as the unquestioning conservatives have done. Laugh yourself to tears at the confusion and anguish the foregoing maxim of law creates in the hate-based minds of conservatives and liberals who believed their equally idiot lawyers instead of question themselves and their lawyers. Do not let your mind become as ignorant as the adults. Question, rather than believe, their glaring contradictions. The aforementioned agreement to endorse unalienable rights can be worded in a manner that ninety five percent of the common people will agree, including one hundred percent of the thinking people, and would variously defend or advance the related interests of TVSA.

If they did not irrationally hate and attack each other's unalienable human rights, to therefore willfully surrender their own unalienable rights, by law, and therefore become more enraged that the other guy somehow seemed to achieve more power to deny those rights, the conservatives and liberals would recognize that they are the same humans with the same brain design doing the same things by design of humans. You idiot DemocanRepublicrat hacks and your lawyers need not worry. Your money source from gullible sorts donating free money to perpetuate that institutional self-fighting, is not threatened. The only people who have asked enough questions to learn how to promptly cause human minds to willingly stop attacking their own minds, hold no incentive to curtail such a brilliantly designed comedy, the best show on the rock, despite the quantum advancement that humans would therefore achieve. But you young people want to train your mind to ask progressively more effective questions, so you can be among those who are laughing, rather than among the unquestioning, anguished idiot adults who keep attacking themselves in anger at the other guy.

Beyond the recognition of many gun sorts, the future of shooting and hunting is not in teaching more people to shoot at indoor shooting ranges. The TVR&P folks are stagnating their own espousals, albeit as usual. The list of inconveniences in the use of real guns cannot be denied, and block many potential beginning shooters right at the get-go. Those are real inconveniences, including the perception of the danger of flying bullets, the ear-damaging noise, the poison lead problem, the poison fumes and carbon particulate matter from gunpowder, all the government idiot-drill paperwork for guns, and the rest of the list. People who are not as computer-impaired as the older folks who spend too much time with their guns, recognize that the new avenue to all things in the future, starts with the now universal computers at the fingers of kids. So if you want to advance the shooting sports, start with the computer. Regardless of the anguish these words cause the old bricks and mortar indoor shooting range sorts, the bulk of the next generation of gun shooters and hunters will be enticed into those sports by virtual shooting opportunities. Computers. Sorry about that. Between a gun and a computer, what will 99.999 percent of parents, including gun owners, first buy their children? If TVR&P or TVSA leaders want to greatly expand the number of local shooters, as they espouse with their hollow words used as excuses to get themselves a shiny new range, they would build a virtual shooting range (readily available on the market). They would be the first on the block to do that in Fairbanks, yesterday if they could schedule it. The hot new, safe, convenient, highly desirable among young computer addicts, virtual shooting hardware and software not involving that ear-damaging noise and that list of other discomforting considerations, will attract the multitudes of young people, with vastly less parental objection, of whom a larger number would inherently want to move on to real guns. Virtual shooting is programmed with much more exciting stuff than those boring old stationary paper targets. These are computer activated young folks we are talking about. If you do not offer high tech graphics, you are trying to sell horse buggies. Once you cleverly hook the unsuspecting young tikes on the cheap virtual stuff, as the gateway thing, they will want to try the harder stuff, real guns, in such numbers that they will raise the green cash dollars to build their own indoor shooting ranges. And among them will be those rich computer nerds. Maybe one of them would tell me how to get my computer to do what I keep shouting at it.

Try to usefully discuss that at a TVSA meeting and you just as well talk to the wood you are throwing into one of the TVSA barrel stoves. Yet that is precisely how the shooting sports are going to be advanced in the future, starting a couple years ago. And for that you want a facility near town, a building that does not involve all the expenses to handle noise, fumes, poison lead, flying bullets and such, a building that is therefore suitable for a diverse array of sportsmens activities, including the old folks who just want to sit around in the lodge, smoke fine cigars, drink fine Islay Scotch Whiskey, and tell those kids lies about what it used to be like in the good old days. There we were, mind you, and it was desperate indeed, albeit as usual. Exposed flesh freezes in seconds, you know, back before global warming melted the permafrost under the outhouse. It was another 600 yard shot, back before that damn metric stuff, over a hill and around a corner, but the moose was a big one, with an 87 inch spread, if you tangled the tape in the tines a bit, which is what got it in the Boone and Bill Gates record book. And that was when we had real moose, before the genetically modified tofu ones were made to fill the federal subsistence quotas. It was tough in those days, I tell you, but the shot was easy. Hand me one of them post-embargo Cohibas.

So the current TVSA thrashing-about amid typical organizational power-plays of organization leaders incessantly trying to get something for nothing, the only process of power, offers an ancient lesson for young people. Older people cannot recognize any concept within this website, least the use of power above reasoning would no longer exist among humans. Are you of your mind, or a gun? Take your pick and train with what you think will get you the farthest.

Other conservatives are aware of the TVSA leaders openly contradicting the principles of the conservatives, and do not stand to correct the TVSA conservatives, as is the case for the legions of such examples among the conservatives. They say one thing, and do the opposite, blaming their own contradictions on the liberals, and cannot figure out why liberals therefore exist. No conservative can claim anything beyond what conservatives therefore prove of themselves. The conservatives lie if their lips are moving, because they correct no lies verifiably representing the conservatives. The individual solution is to publicly state that you are not a conservative because the conservatives are as dishonest as they openly prove of themselves. Upon manifesting that solution, you have separated yourself from the contradictions of the conservatives. The same process is available to separate your personal integrity from the Republican and Democrat politicians who undeniably lie if their lips are moving. Because the lying Democrats and Republicans define their political party as that of liars, and no RepublicratDemocans have made any verifiable effort to correct the lies of their colleagues, no honest person can support that Party or any person who is a member of it, by definition of honesty. Separate your mind from that institutional contradiction. If you do not start right, you cannot end right. You cannot achieve anything sustainable, including your integrity, by building on a contradiction left in place. You may learn that from these words, your own words, or from attempts to defy them, but you will never escape that truism inherent to the human design. Do not bother trying to tell that to the adults. Their actions in society prove the futility.

And there we jolly well have it at the moment. If you are not laughing yourself to tears at the contradictions these humans create for themselves, while they struggle the rest of their lives futily trying to sustain their contradictions rather than simply ask the few questions that resolve the contradictions to thus advance beyond those old dead end scams, you are missing the only show these humans produce.

You may ask me any question you want, and to the extent of my time, I will answer with the best reasoning my mind can devise. If you can find a contradiction in my words, and we can verify that contradiction, the resolution will be easy, conforming to the logic you will recognize, and I will thank you for your having advanced my knowledge.

You want to always be able to say the above, but those words will expose your failure if you do not manifest their full substance. No power-damaged mind can manifest the substance of those words. Never believe or follow a person who cannot say and manifest those words.

More will be said at this website, as time allows, if you can imagine such an affront to the poor sad victims of their self-deluding titles.

Was there any error expressed above?

I wish you the best in all things.


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