Another message to US military personnel, and their family to convey to them

From Doug Buchanan, a Vietnam war veteran

12 February 2010

Open for copying and distribution.


If you have not already learned the following inescapable concepts of the human mind’s design, you can learn them from these words to thus sooner join the usefully thinking sector of the people who are therefore beneficial to themselves and society.

Or you can learn them from more years of experiences, as did I, and be embarrassed that you remained so intellectually absent (unquestioning) so long.

Or you can never learn them, and end up like old military personnel who still perceive that people can kill and destroy their way to an intelligent society. Such people are the zenith of human intellectual inability and uselessness to other humans. An intelligent society does not doom each next generation to the endless grief of killing, destruction, imprisoning, and seizing the earnings of people’s labor (taxation) for presidential ego gratification wars and lavish lifestyles of the military industrial complex executives.

1. It is impossible to kill enough people to end up with no enemies.

2. For every person your military kills, you create 100 more enemies from family, friends, countrymen, religion colleagues, ethnic members, school associates, club members and others of any closer association than the killers.

3. As the killing expands to more people, the categories of killed people reach the categories of the friends of the killers, to start making enemies among the killers, dooming the goal of the killers, and the government of the killers.

4. Friends come and go. Enemies accumulate.

5. The enemies you create by an attack have equally capable minds, by design of the human mind. The attack gives the victims’ minds incentive to retaliate, and the incentive to be more innovative in retaliation. The best war toy and tactic only creates the next better war toy and tactic among innovative minds, as the bombers of the World Trade Towers so brilliantly illuminated.

6. The only way you can ever have an enemy is by you or your people creating a contradiction that damages other people. The human mind is not otherwise designed or capable of having an enemy.

7. There is never a valid reason to intentionally damage another person. The reasoning process of the human mind, that is, the process to patiently and methodically ask and answer every question of every identified contradiction, can resolve every identified contradiction, to solve any problem, including that of any opposition which is just a contradiction resolved in the same process (intellectual technology).

8. As Osama bin Ladin is said to have said. “If we could deliver our message in words, we would not have to use bombs.” Try to send a message of reasoning words to US President Obama and his White House cabinet of mental midget thugs, to explain the inherent results of the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime, that since WWII, has militarily attacked and slaughtered millions of people in 12 nations that did not attack the US. You will fail, as have millions of others. Do not wonder why the freedom fighters of small nations around the world, who do not want the insatiable war machine of the Americans and their paid surrogates attacking their countries, started using bombs to send the message to the Americans who refuse to listen to words.

9. It is undeniable that it has been the United States of America, the currently most powerful, most wealthy, most technologically advanced, most influential nation in the world, which has taught the world, by the US CIA kidnapping, torture and assassination teams, and the US military attacking 12 nations that did not attack the US, that the solution to a perceived problem is to kill the other guy and destroy what his people create. The US taught the so called terrorists that the only process Americans understand for solving perceived problems is killing people and destroying what they create. The enemy is doing to Americans what the American DemocanRepublicrat War Regime taught them to do.

10. Contrary to the military trained mantra of the functionally illiterate mental midget military officers, the best defense is not a good offense. The best defense is still a defense. An offense is an attack that creates genuine, dedicated, innovative, inherently retaliating enemies that you did not have before your offense.

11. The US military teaches its officers that actual combat experience makes the most effective military, therefore admitting to the military’s manifested incentive to keep starting wars. Incentive creates results, as the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime has manifested.

12. The US government functions on lobbyist bribes to Congressmen, Presidents and staff, with only some of the bribes veiled as “campaign and political party contributions”. The US Military Industrial Complex has been the most consistently wealthy lobby since the end of WWII. Its ownership of Congress is uncontested.

13. There has never been a war that ended wars. In contrast, you the reader, from the design of your own mind, can recognize that humans hold the ability to use the reasoning process to resolve all contradictions, therefore ending wars. In addition to using intellectual technology, one such process in the US can occur when the people belatedly demonstrate enough good sense to simply elect government leaders from among common farmers, who are most often good neighbors, whose profession is predicated on logical thinking and working WITH the design of nature, including the human mind, instead of electing incessantly lying politicians whose profession is based on incessant lying, and on attacking people with armed military and police goons who are specifically trained to be as void of reasoning ability as was I in the Army.

14. By design of the human mind, when ALL knowledge is shared everybody wants the same things, without harming anyone else who would inherently retaliate to preclude the reasoning for initiating the harm. The internet is facilitating the sharing of all knowledge, despite the increasingly malicious efforts of the Cheney/Bush/Obama thugs attempting to keep more and more “State Secrets” (anything that reveals their escalating violations of law) from the Americans.

15. The US military created the most technologically advanced war machine in human history, with gadgets that can image people at night and behind objects, that can spy on people from undetected drone aircraft and satellites 24 hours per day, can intercept and record every phone call, fax, email and other messages, with more money to hire and bribe more spies and allies among the enemy than any nation has ever achieved, with more laser precision shooting and remote bombing capability than had ever been imagined, etceteras and vastly more. And the Americans openly bragged about their abilities, flouting their power, money and expertise to the world. So the thinking people of the world rightfully expected the logical results of that technology, expecting the Americans to kill only those individual military enemies who genuinely attacked Americans, as honorable military personnel would only do. Instead, the American military and their mercenary goons used their multi-billion dollar technology to slaughter more civilians, including large numbers of completely innocent women and children, old men, and more allied locals and freedom fighters, per any real actual enemy with any functional intent to attack America, than any prior war has ever effected. The Americans proved themselves to be the most malicious, dishonorable military since the regimes of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. No excuses, propaganda or lies prevail. The repetitious, ongoing US military admissions and blood-money payments, after repetitious denials are openly verified as ongoing US military lying, prove the case and the intent of the US military to continue killing for the pure military joy of killing (addicted to its addicting computer-game war toys).

16. If you must kill civilians in their villages because the civilians are against your invasion of their country, you have already lost the war.

17. Even the least thinking of thinking people know that a primary military strategy to efficiently and less expensively defeat your enemy is to treat helpless prisoners of war as well as you treat your own citizens, give them uncensored access to the world’s knowledge, and advertise that to the enemy. That strategy is easily affordable to America, and is vastly less expensive than the war machine to capture prisoners. Because all wars end, the enemy promptly recognizes that the returning prisoners are going to defeat anything left of the government that offers them so much less than their captors offered. The enemy will capitulate early in the war to defend itself from its own returning prisoners of war who will spread the word about their more honorable captors offering the uncensored knowledge of the world. The US military treatment of prisoners of war, orchestrated by the obviously least intelligent military generals in the world, has become the currently most repugnant example of prisoner treatment, for world judgment. When you accuse the other guy of a wrong, your perpetrating the same wrong is more greatly illuminated.

18. Even the least thinking of thinking people know that torturing, demeaning and harassing helpless prisoners defines the most repugnant military, government and society, a threat to all rational person in the world. No excuses prevail. Torture produces no useful military information, by design of the human mind inherently retaliating against the use of force, especially malicious force. The mind will not do otherwise, by design. The ludicrous claims of the mental midgets who torture prisoners are consistently proven as lies by the test of time and even basic questions of reasoning. The people who are least knowledgeable of the human mind, are the people who torture human minds. There is nothing dumber than a person who tortures people, by design of the human mind. Two hundred years from now the Nazis and Americans will still be most described for their malicious torturing and killing of helpless Jewish and Muslim prisoners, the legacy of Hitler, Bush, Cheney and Obama.

19. The worst thing that has happened to the United States of America, internationally and nationally in sum, so far, among many bad things, is George Bush, Dick Cheney, Barak Obama, their military generals, their Blackwater goons (mercenaries) and their prisoner of war torture thugs. After a series of escalating indicators (undeclared wars against small countries that did not attack the US), those American mental midgets dramatically exposed America as the nadir of all that it accused others, and as the greatest threat to the world, among thinking people around the world.

So what is your answer to the following question, an answer you might carefully consider and write with your signed name for your family and public judgment of your reasoning ability, open to every question against all the verifiable facts and events……… Why (the official reason of record, precisely stated) is the US military, amid no declared war, slaughtering Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Yemenese and Somalians, and threatening other nations? It was Saudi financed, Saudi organized Saudis who attacked New York City. And all the attackers were killed.