The proof that YOU are the problem

Therefore YOU can easily learn to solve the problem, for everyone, upon learning the problem’s origin in your own (conveniently available) mind, which is the origin in their minds, by design of the human mind.

You have an excuse for being the problem, until you finish reading this section. The human brain is a trained device. It is trained with knowledge. It is not genetically coded with all the information you need for a human lifetime, in contrast to the brains of honey bees and ants which genetically know their lifetime reactions to stimuli upon birth, with no need for instruction by other bees and ants. If your brain does not learn the knowledge you need or want, your otherwise completely useful brain is useless for that knowledge and its utility.

You learn most of your knowledge from adults, from your mistakes, and from your other observations. You learn most effectively from your mind’s carefully formed questions of the foregoing and everything. If you fail to ask and answer questions, this section and everything else you encounter is of little utility to you, and you will stay dumb.

If you make a mistake, it is because your brain had not prior learned the knowledge to avoid the mistake. That is the same for everyone, obviously including the writer of these words.

It is the same for criminals, both private sector and all government personnel. They simply have not yet learned how and why to not create inherently unsustainable, damaging contradictions, for which the ultimate cost is always inescapably paid, by design of the imperative balance in all things, for all things to exist. Inherently unsustainable, damaging contradictions are primarily caused by the use of force or deception, instead of reasoning. Force-based actions, such as those of military, police, prosecutors, court judges, politicians, their tax thugs, other government bureaucrats and private sector criminals are the primary cause of human problems.

Private sector criminals account for less than one percent of the damaging, force and deception-based contradictions in society, while government uses that scant example to fool the gullible, unquestioning American adults into acquiescing to the more than 99 percent of the damaging, force and deception-based contradictions created by government, common to all governments and societies throughout the still existing intellectual dark ages of the gullible humans who believe rather than question what they are told by adults.

If you are a young person, the following proves the monumental ignorance of your school teachers, government leaders and other adults. Escape that profoundly damaging ignorance by the time you finish reading this section, by learning (asking and answering questions) from the words herein, or you will end up as laughably dumb as George Bush, Dick Cheney, Barak Obama and the other American adults.

Learn the knowledge sooner in life than did the writer of these words. He learned it by starting to ask and answer questions of all the socially common assumptions taught by adults.

Humans have existed for a long time. They have a singular brain and mind design capable of efficiently solving all problems. The test of time has been more than adequate. Why do any social problems exist? What is your answer? It is wrong, until you learn the complete functioning design of the human mind, which is just knowledge, learnable by anyone. Is that not inherent to such long-existing social problems amid so many humans with a human mind design capable of identifying and solving problems, by its design? Your answer? Upon learning that design you can state the correct answer to why social problems still exist, verify it against all questions, and therefore efficiently resolve that contradiction.

What? You think that you know the solutions to the problems, like the obviously ignorant politicians say of themselves, and say that the other guy just does not “get it,” and he must “get it” before he will solve the problems? Do you therefore not admit that you do not know the solution to the separate problem of him not “getting it”? Worse. Do you not therefore admit that he or they, the other guy, must solve the problem, thus admitting that you are too ignorant to do so?

You have no access to the knowledge you need, except by training your own brain, with your own individual, time-costing, hard effort, because the following proves the monumental ignorance, if not stupidity, that the adults have been incessantly teaching your brain, training it to be equally ignorant and useless for solving social problems.

The next paragraph is in logical sequence to the above. It is knowledge with which you need to train your mind to solve problems for yourself and society.

The common law, for rational organization of society, is the most brilliant social invention of the humans. More thoroughly described elsewhere, its creation is generally ascribed to a relatively recent few hundred years of British courts and British-trained courts, just by chance of varied evolution of knowledge in different geographical regions, within varied competitive human phenomena. Some other smaller social groups had similar systems of social governance, but the Brits standardized the process of reasoning written as law for larger geographical regions. It is an aside to note that the US Constitution is a common law document, within and harmonized with the common law, written by people who were highly knowledgeable of the common law and its utility for advancing humans beyond the inherent stagnation, corruption and damaging maliciousness of government folks.

You cannot learn the common law from (government-licensed) lawyers or (government-licensed) law schools. Law schools stopped teaching the common law to law students shortly after 1900, because the massively lucrative American institution of lawyers and excessive law schools cannot exist if lawyers or the common people learn the common law. Law schools instead started teaching (endless) “process law” and inferior laws. The common law is easily understandable to every commonly literate person. Law schools are not needed for it. It can be completely taught in one high school class, of one semester or less. You can learn most of it from this section, and more from other sections of this website. Those law students, taught to be ignorant of the common law, later became the lawyers, judges and law school professors, still ignorant of the common law, but perceiving that they know “the law”, by the law school training of their mind, and perceiving that you do not know the law, because you are not a law school-trained lawyer. If you wish to learn the common law, you must learn it from completely non-lawyer sources. Lawyers and law school professors have been intensely trained by law schools to (and will) tell every lie in the book of lies, plus new lies, to preclude you, other lawyers and anyone else from learning the easily learned common law, by imperative of the existence of their repugnantly lucrative institution.

The common law is based on the following, obviously logical or reasoning-based fundamentals that are not understood by American adults, lawyers, court judges, cops and other government sorts, as proven by their social results. If you learn the following, you will be so obviously more intelligent than all the highly titled, credentialed and self-flattering adults, most notably more knowledgeable than American lawyers and judges, that you can and will be amused by their remarkable ignorance and illogical actions.

An action is unlawful because it is directly damaging, with a verifiable, real damage, to real people. Or it is so overtly threatening, with a resulting, verifiable, real damage not yet manifested by chance alone, with a high probability of chance (driving through red stoplights), or a damage so great that you and everyone else do not want to take any related chance (storing huge quantities of explosives in suburban homes). Outside the above, no genuine crime or lawfully applied law can be verifiably described.

An inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight, effect or enforceability as law. It is unlawful (a crime) for an officer of the government to use power of office to carry out an unlawful order or apply an inferior law contradicted by a superior law. If you are not writing notes on your own screen page, to separate the primary data, such as the preceding two sentences, from all the peripheral statements, such as this one, you will not hold even the first chance to learn the knowledge you seek.

The completely corrupted US lawyers, judges, politicians and other government bureaucrats have simply ascribed to “law” books and countless other publications claimed to represent “law”, millions of government-benefiting, citizen-damaging, rights-eliminating inferior laws contradicting the common law, and, along with ignorant government school teachers, taught their children and everyone else to be too plain stupid to even ask the questions to distinguish between lawfully not applicable inferior laws designed to attack people, and the uncontradicted common laws designed to protect people. If one of your parents is a lawyer or court judge, ask them what you must do and say to place yourself under the exclusive jurisdiction of the uncontradicted common law that protects citizens from government corruption, to discover that your parent dishonestly and maliciously betrayed you, your friends and everyone else, and to also learn why lawyers and judges are the most universally hated professionals and social subculture in the world, verifiable.

You live in one of approximately 35 (recent count) common law nations, wherein the common law is the highest law of the land, protected by the judiciary and other government insiders for their protection against the inherently corrupted government. They fool you out of that protection because they are the inherently corrupted government, seeking POWER over you.

Lawyers and judges will always completely betray even their own their children, grandchildren and other family members, denying them the knowledge required to independently protect them from the greatest threat to them, their own obviously corrupted government, keeping them ludicrously ignorant, to defend the raw, malicious power and monetary income of the insatiably greedy lawyers and judges, as is flawlessly verifiable with a few questions, the nature of which you can identify in this section.

An action is either lawful or not lawful, based on the completed reasoning of the action, properly written and instituted as common law.

An action cannot be both lawful and unlawful, under the rule of written law. It is one or the other, if you have a language that is useful for conveying reasoning and useful knowledge.

If an action is both lawful and unlawful, under two contradicting laws, the rule of personalities (kings, emperors, equity court judges, dictators) is created in the person who can choose at whim which law to apply to his favored friends, and which law to apply to you mere unfavored riffraff, including the family of lawyers and judges he does not like.

Humans hold “rights” because their mind can recognize the definition of “rights,” and state or write them with words that convey the concept to other humans. Therein, humans hold rights because their brain is capable of identifying and stating each one of them, and identify the reasoning of the benefits of human rights.

A human right, also that which is lawful under the common law, is any action that any human can exercise without getting permission from any other person or government entity.

A human right is any action that a human can perform, that does not damage or verifiably threaten another real person with a real, verifiable damage. I trust you are transferring these statements to your notes page, to study and question. You will be tested in a bad dream, that may be real. You will not want to fail the easy test.

A human right cannot be lawfully denied. No human holds the lawful authority to deny a human the exercise of a human right, by definition of a right.

For a person to be able to lawfully deny another inherently equal human a human right, would define that person as God, an entity above humans and human rights. (Therein the monumental contradiction of government power-damaged minds is again revealed.)

The only lawful way a human can be lawfully separated from a human right, is for that human to willfully, knowingly and voluntarily surrender the right to another person, such as to ask a profoundly trusted other person to manage their surrendered right because of their own recognized intellectual or physical inability to do so.

Any human holds the same rights of all humans, by design of the human mind, including the same rights as cops, lawyers, judges, politicians, bureaucrats, government leaders or anyone else, by definition of human rights. The cops and lawyers are no more than humans, by design, but may be described a vastly less, (reptilian minds) because of their astonishing stupidity in perceiving that they are more than humans and can therefore lawfully force illogical decisions on other humans (prerogative of only God).

A citizen holds the same right to defend oneself by the same manner that cops defend themselves (carry a gun). Cops hold no superior position above humans, by design of humans. Cops are commonly the less educated, less-thinking, less questioning people who therefore crave the school yard bully type raw power over other humans, rather than a desire to advance their knowledge and thinking ability to need no power and to assist other people with knowledge that therefore benefits themselves and others. Did you want a less-thinking person telling you what to do? Well, why do you kowtow to cops, instead of question them? What, you are afraid of less-thinking people? Well, starting thinking enough (asking and answering questions) to resolve that highly damaging life-long contradiction, especially if you are the offspring of a cop who will be subject to other cops.

A privilege, which is grantable or deniable, is an action which lawfully requires the permission of another person.

The words, “permits,” “licenses,” “mandatory registration”, or any “mandatory” or “required” actions prior to the exercise of an action void the action as a “right,” and define the action as a “privilege,” because the action is not lawful if the permit (permission), license or such instrument is not first approved.

The act of asking for, or acquiescing to, the government demand that you get a government permit, license, or pay a fee or tax or perform a mandatory action (forms of asking for permission), is the lawfully recognized act of “willfully, knowingly and voluntarily surrendering one’s rights” related to the permission.

Read the above again, and write it for your own notes, to recognize how timid people throughout human history are so easily fooled into “willfully” and therefore lawfully surrendering their rights, by school yard bully type ignorant or malicious government court judges, cops, bureaucrats, lawyers or anyone with a childishly intimidating government title.

It is inherent. If you ask for permission, or acquiesce to a (fraudulent) demand for permission to exercise an action, you are inherently recognizing that you hold no RIGHT to exercise the action, by logic and obvious reasoning.

It is categorically impossible, by definition of the words and basic human reasoning, to hold a right if it requires that one first get a license or permit, or perform any other government-demanded action, which defines a privilege.

The common law, that is, the prevailing law, not contradicted by any superior law, of the United States, is based on the above reasoning,written with words that hold their meanings.

An action is either lawful or not lawful, based on the COMPLETE reasoning of the action (common law).

If it is lawful, there can be no lawful demand that one get government permission (permit, license, payment of a fee or tax, mandatory action) to exercise the lawful action. Read that again.

If it is not lawful, there can be no lawful permission (permit, license, etc.) to exercise the unlawful (criminally damaging) action. Read that again, and again.

You can lawfully carry out a lawful action, anytime, anywhere, without asking anyone anything, without getting any license, permit, or pay any tax or fee, or acquiescing to any demand of any nature.

Explanation Number 1: The American adults are victims of their own failed education system which did not teach them the above, or how to use words that hold their meanings, or how to ask and answer effective questions of such glaring contractions as being required by ignorant government folks to get government permission (permit, license) to exercise human rights. American adults have just not yet usefully learned the plainly expressed knowledge previously written by the writers of the US Constitution and the common law, and by other commonly reasoning people throughout human history. And the American adults have victimized their children by teaching them the same monumental ignorance and functional illiteracy. The highest titled English professor of Yale or Harvard is still functionally illiterate, unable to understand how to use words that hold their meanings, if he perceives that he must get a government permit or license to exercise a right or other lawful action.

Explanation Number 2 (for those who are sufficiently wise to be unable to be insulted, and who enjoy the plain language we common folks): The American adults are just plain so damn flat stupid they cannot understand the above, as proven by the existence of myriads of government permits, licenses, fees and other inferior law demands for the exercise of rights and lawful actions. The adults are too damn lazy to even question those glaring contradictions, with real questions. The American adults still perceive that they hold human rights which cannot possibly exist outside the common law (its written, complete reasoning by any description), in a nation whose government thugs with titles openly violate the common law. The successfully dumbed-down American adults are so stupid they are actively teaching (victimizing) their children to be that stupid, much to your ongoing amusement.

YOU YOUNG PEOPLE do whatever you must do to understand the above plain English words, even if you must look up each word in a dictionary, and study them. You are otherwise doomed to live an entire lifetime as dumb as the American adults, with an equally useless brain for human rights, as slaves to unproductive ignorant government dolts, suffering the vast array of resulting, otherwise easily resolved, government-induced damaging contradictions such as wars, theft by taxation, paying for imprisoning millions of otherwise productive people who damaged nobody, paying for counter productive police, prosecutors and judges whose actions verifiably encourage damaging crimes, paying for the lavish lifestyles of the insatiably greedy, malicious government elite (Roman senators in the US congress), and the entire list of social ills sustained by thousands of years of adult ignorance and intellectual laziness (too damn lazy to question and thus learn the above).

And have fun doing so.

All of the many categories and jurisdictions of inferior laws are inferior to the common law, and not lawfully enforceable as law in contradiction to the common law. But because the common law replaces the raw power of government office of every government person, including Supreme Court justices, with the rule of written words that hold their meanings, on paper, and because power is flawlessly addicting to power-damaged minds, a government person will literally imprison or kill his or her own children, verifiable, and certainly the rest of you, including you government personnel of lesser titles, and your children, before their minds will willingly surrender any portion of their power, by design of the functioning concept of power in the human mind.

That in part explains why most government empires have met their inherent demise by the “fed-up” citizens killing the government people and their minions, in revolutions, in the final act of citizens defending themselves from the murderous corruption of government power-damaged minds. When the US government reached the stage of torturing helpless prisoners to death, repeatedly, still ongoing, with the government’s pocket court judges defending such ongoing perfidy, they revealed the nature of their demise to thinking people who understand how human minds inherently react to such repugnant phenomena, by design of human minds. Why did the common people of Iraq not defend Saddam when an outside enemy attacked? What did you learn from your answer, in context with the above? Why did even Brutus stab Caeser? Why did the Kremlin police join their family members to turn their guns on their moments-before bosses inside the Kremlin when the Soviet empire collapsed? Why did develop, and why will the armed family members of American police make it obvious to those police family that their sudden choice will be between the common American citizens or the Bush, Cheney, Obama gang of thugs in Washington DC? Your answers?

Not a wise time to be a government person in the US. The over half of the prisoners in US prisons, and the over 85 percent of the people arrested and cited by cops every year, who damaged nobody, and their families and friends, are belatedly figuring out that they damaged nobody, and therefore violated no prevailing law, and therefore HATE the cops, prosecutors, judges, bureaucrats and politicians who arrested or imprisoned them, vastly damaging US productivity. You and your fellow thugs cannot torture, kill and imprison enough people who harmed nobody, to stop their family members and friends from the inescapable human mind reaction to such a comprehensive threat to everybody in society, including the family of your fellow government thugs facing the same threat of you government thugs. It is just “human nature”. It is why all force-based empires always collapse, by design of the human mind, with the US currently being the most powerful force-based empire, over-ripe for collapse, with 5 bankrupting US Presidential ego gratification wars being fought against “underdog”, poverty-stricken distant nations, US paper dollars being printed like pesos and Cambodian kip, taxation increasing under all manner of lies, domestic programs being robbed to buy more bombs, and productivity being destroyed by government give-away welfare programs for even the wealthiest bankers in the world.

The writer of these words was at an extreme of such ignorance, as a distinguished military graduate, Regular Army Commission (career oriented, not reserve) US Army airborne ranger aviator infantry officer directly assisting the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime slaughtering poor Vietnamese freedom fighter peasants for their daring to wisely not kowtow to the US Presidents and the completely corrupted American government of insatiably greedy, lavish living Roman Emperor-styled government insiders taxing working Americans living in poverty deeper into poverty and misery. Then the writer belatedly started effectively asking questions of the glaring contradictions. Do that, or you will remain as dumb as was I, and as dumb as unquestioning Americans adults still believing the glaring lies of the DemocanRepublicrats and their unquestioning minions. The more questions you ask, the more knowledge you will learn, and the more you will be amused by the humans.

The normally gullible, unquestioning American adults were easily fooled out of their rights by the interjection of words such as “permits” and “licenses” between the definition of privileges and rights, causing the government-trained dumb adults to perceive that you can hold a right to exercise an action and be required to get a permit or license for the same action, because it is only a “permit” or “license”, not “permission”. Read that as often as you need, to recognize how easy it was to fool your unquestioning parents into believing an impossibility, simply with the addition of another word, a metaphorical straw man.

If you are a parent, now is a good time to have a little sit-down chit chat with your children, explaining to them the process by which ignorant, malicious people who get government jobs fool other ignorant adults into “willfully” surrendering their rights by using words that do not hold their meanings. Teach your children what public school teachers are too ignorant to teach your children, that is, how to use words that hold their meanings, therein, that it is impossible to hold human rights if one must get government permission (permits, licenses, pay taxes or fees, other demands) to exercise such basic human rights as to own and manage one’s own body (ingest smoke, carry guns, rent oneself, etc) without damaging or threatening anybody else, travel by common means on the public rights of way, express one’s opinions about law, help other people with “medicines”, freely walk on the public land, associate however one wishes with whomever one wishes, build homes and businesses, spend or risk the money one has earned however one wishes, and anything else a human can do without damaging or genuinely threatening another human. Teach your children that upon adulthood their decisions for themselves are as good or better than any government person’s decisions for them because the government persons are just common humans like everybody else, making as many mistakes as everybody else. Tell your children to pity the government adults who are so monumentally ignorant that they cannot figure out that they are just common humans like everybody else, with no superior brain design or ability to make flawless decisions.

If you are cop, now is a good time to quit your job and stop using power of office to unlawfully impose your inferior law demands on other people, denying them their human rights. You have been lied to, and made a fool of by your agency lawyers whose malicious intent is to create as many contestable court cases as possible, to cause the most number of lawyers to be hired for court cases among victims who are fooled out of their rights, including your children when they become victims of the ignorant, power-craving cops and bureaucrats in other jurisdictions. Cops are becoming increasingly hated by even the people who “publicly” praise cops, because cops maliciously damaging their families by criminally carrying out the unlawful orders and lies of agency lawyers. You would rather be working at a low paying honest job than be a cop increasingly hated by so many common people, including your own children when they learn what cops and lawyers did to human rights.

If you are a lawyer, you will never figure out why lawyers are the most hated profession in the world, wherever lawyers exist, even by their family members, or you would have already abandoned your profession. Unlike the cops, you are not even pitied. You are hated, by design of the human mind inherently reacting against such repugnant deceit and power exercised by lawyers and lawyer/judges who seized ownership of the “law”. You cannot escape the design of the human mind. You got rich fooling people into massive social damages. Your greed was insatiable. You attempted to fool all the people all of the time, including your own children who will inherently learn that you were fooling people, including your own children, into the jurisdictions of completely contradicted inferior laws, not lawfully applicable, for your insatiable greed. Your children will eventually recognize and publicly describe your repugnance, or your children will be ridiculed as being so monumentally ignorant as to not be able to comprehend what a human right is, ignorance taught by their parents. Your profession will go the way of kings and emperors, but with more hatred and retaliation.

Another typical rhetorical ruse fooling unquestioning people, proving the stupidity and illiteracy of US Congressmen, has been the US Presidents starting massively damaging Presidential Ego Gratification Wars based on a Congressional “authorization for the use of force”, while a Congressional “declaration of war” is required by the common law to use US military force. Congressmen are afraid to “declare” war, because the related law is invoked, placing the responsibility (liability) on the individual Congressmen who vote for the “Declaration of War”, involving the Law of Nations recognized in the US Constitution, so the corrupted congressmen, paid off by the military industrial complex, weasel around with the unlawfully applied straw man word “authorization”, to fool themselves and other fools, and to fabricate “plausible deniability” with the nebulous rhetorical ruse of an undefined “authorization for the use of force”. They know that the American adults are so damn stupid and illiterate, taught by the government’s equally ignorant public school teachers, that they are clueless of any difference between a “declaration” of “war” and an “authorization” for the use of “force”, even if you hand them a dictionary and show them the different spellings of the words.

In the common law, the words of the law hold their meanings. If a “declaration” is required, then a “declaration” is required. If a person changes the word, perhaps to “authorization” then a different law is invoked, or the absence of an authorizing law is revealed, which must be a prevailing law to be lawful. What is the reason to change the word? What does the other law say or not say? What does the prevailing law require? Why were the minds of congressmen afraid to simply “declare” a “war” for the Presidential Ego Gratification Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Somalia and elsewhere? What is the verifiably accurate answer to that question, for public record? If congressmen represent Americans, how could the Americans be so monumentally ignorant and gullible as to not obtain a public reason of record for that repeatedly effected, glaring contradiction?

What was the above described process to surrender human rights? Did you want to surrender reasoning-based human rights, for power (ignorance)-based demands made by the power-damaged minds of stupid government people? Did you want to remain as stupid as the American adults by reading-over the questions herein, rather than answering them, writing your answers, and asking questions of your answers?

The complete understanding of a problem is the only access to solving it. Therefore having recognized that your mind, like everyone else’s, if ignorant of its design, routinely creates and accumulates an ongoing series of therefore compounding contradictions. Likewise, sloppily and hastily using inaccurate words that do not hold their meanings train your mind to create rather than resolve contradictions. Believing rather than questioning contradictions, because the speaker or writer had a title or credential that implied knowledge, even the title of “adult”, accumulates contradictions. Titles and credentials do not convey knowledge. They convey the flattery of having believed rather than questioned the equally ignorant title holders who flattered their self-ascribed greatness by being able to grant titles and credentials to other equally ignorant people. It is a mutual flattery society for people who are clueless of how to solve complex problems. Their mutual admiration society created the problems rather than solved them, as proven by the existence of the problems.

The writer of these words was an adult with a common gaggle of titles and credentials, actually believing their associated claims, much to his ongoing amusement. Then he started asking questions about them, and everything else, to learn that he had been laughably ignorant, nay, stupid, when he was believing adults rather than questioning them.

Knowing that the design of your mind requires you to ask and answer real questions to identify and resolve contradictions, after your mind was trained to not recognize thousands of previously taught contradictions, including the contradiction of your having not been taught by adults to understand the design of your mind, in a species whose actions are predicated on the functioning of human minds, you can start right now to extract yourself from the intellectual dark ages of the adult humans. You will therefore shortly learn how to resolve the other guy’s contradictions, and all of society’s contradictions, regardless of opposition, because you will learn which precise questions to ask, in what precise format, to leave other minds not able to adversely react without verifying the accuracy and benefit of your resolution, in their minds, by design of their minds. It is just the knowledge of a process.

You are on your own in the human competition for the knowledge you need. The adults obviously cannot and will not save you, by manifested proof.

Written by Doug Buchanan,

26 January 2010