Comments on the Constitution

Notes for Reforming the Constitution

on the 202nd Anniversary of the Opening of the Constitutional Convention (May 25, 1787)


(I was asked to make some comments concerning reforming our present Constitution. These comments are from me, individually and personally, and are not a part of FIJA’s primary efforts nor of its mission, but rather are associated with

  • Recognize that it is the time in human history for coercive, violent, power-based governments to stand down, including the one in this nation. Now is the time to introduce a transitional structure to peacefully move from coercive governments to other forms of societal structures.*
  • Be among the vanguard who will institute voluntary cooperation among people; free from coercion, force, fraud or threats. Let this Nation’s direction once again lead toward human freedom. We are a very young species, we humans: let us, through our thinking and our deeds, assist in our evolution to a peaceful species on this planet Earth.*
  • Acknowledge that we can manifest innovative organizations, more beneficial for human society than these old organizations, including government, which gain power over people through force and fraud. Cooperation can be won with reason, rather than force.*
  • Acknowledge that any government granted the power to levy taxes thus has legitimacy for the initiation of violence against individual humans as the means to collect those taxes.
  • Institute a government existing only on voluntary contributions. For humans, now must be the age when cooperation replaces coercion as a survival tool. It is the time in the history of humans when we must replace coercion with cooperation if we are to survive as a species.
  • Grant the government no power to make war. We can defend ourselves, we individuals, with our personal weapons.
  • Grant the government no power to invade the privacy of individual humans.
  • Close government schools, we can teach our own children, and save their minds, too.
  • Remove permissions and licenses from the list of activities government may practice or administer or control – and these include marriage, driver’s licenses, vehicle licenses, professional licenses, and permissions to enter or leave our country. Leave these functions to the Church, insurance companies, private road owners, or voluntary private contracts.
  • Introduce and practice a new cultural ethic: that each individual, once they are old enough to leave the shelter of their parents’ care, is responsible for that life, individual self-governance, self-responsibility, and self-actualization, as well as responsible, until they in turn leave the shelter of their parents’ care, of those children they manifest. These are new, cultural ethics which humans must adopt as they have adopted taboos against other forms of parasitism and slavery.
  • Provide for the Zero Aggression Principle, and prohibit any form of taxation, and you might get something that will work during the transition period.

If we continue to accept and promote the contradiction that government may legitimately initiate violence, make wars, tax and regulate us, or enforce other than the common law, then we will have as much of a new mess in any new government as the mess that this last Constitution has not prevented. We must set aside the notion that any human, no matter their agency or reason, may initiate violence against any other human.*

By now we have learned through observation that an institution based on the contradiction that it can protect itself through force and fraud will not long survive. We know that power-damaged minds only perceive the utility of force: they do not realize that the use of force cannot be sustained against thinking minds. Force stifles individual human creativity, cooperation, voluntary effort, and demeans the human spirit.*

We are each a thinking, problem-solving unique individual. It is time we looked beyond the present political structure of taxation and theft, fraud and favoritism, to a new concept for your individual role in a just, fair, and merciful society. For humans, coercive government is merely a passing fad. The days of the bully are over. Reason must prevail.

Don’t you think it is time we individual thinkers evolved to a better cultural and ethical concept of human society?

I do.

Thank you.


~ Iloilo Marguerite Jones

*Please also read for more information on many of the concepts I have presented in Comments section. Thank you.