Governments’ License to Kill

29 September, 2009

Only governments systematically train and license killers. Outside
of government, there is no institution that routinely allows, trains,
or pays for the killing of innocent people.

Churches used to hold the power to license killers. The priesthood
lost that power to government when kings gathered up more warriors
than the priesthood had protectors. Those governments, whether
dictators, or politicians, allowed the priesthood to continue to
exist, but would occasionally check the power of churches through
confiscation of property and by forcing church members to go to war
for the kings or politicians.

For some reason, probably fear, people accepted this and even
rationalized it as a necessary condition of life.

Governments now solely hold the power, over most of the Earth, to
license killing through war, law enforcement, and other government

Governments now solely license the killing of innocent and harmless
people by their government-trained and government-paid killers.

People continue to rationalize that governments have the right to
exercise this power to train, license and pay killers to kill
peaceful, innocent humans who harm no one. Those who live off
governments use this license to enslave, indoctrinate, and kill
innocent people. Those who live off governments use this license to
kidnap, hold in captivity, and torture innocent people.

The fundamental functions of governments are slavery and war.

Iloilo Marguerite Jones