They Count on Your Greed to Trump Your Compassion

Compassion is a human characteristic. Even the Neanderthals, our human ancestors, cared for their elderly and infirm. It is one of the means we can use to evaluate if the organism is human: do they care for their old, infirm, and crippled? Do they have the characteristic of compassion? Do they give of themselves to help others?

No, that is not what the politicians are doing. They grow rich by stealing your money and giving only a little of it to those in need. Mostly, they keep the money to build their own comfortable nests, while we struggle to make ends meet with what is left of our wages after government takes more than half. Look again at the health care plan before you. Look very closely. They are telling you another lie. It’s there, and you can read it. Look again. They are telling a real whopper this time. They want to steal more from you to keep their scheme going, and only give back a little. But it gets worse.

They cannot admit that they have squandered away your life savings, your social security and Medicare money, which you entrusted to them. They cannot admit that they have none of the money that was promised to take care of you. Yes, you have your receipts and the paperwork, and they did promise. But they do not have the money. They are worse than the robbers of the stock markets and big corporations, who were paid off by government for ruining the economy, worse than the thief who personally holds a gun to your head while demanding that you make a choice between your life and the money you saved from your life’s work.
Politicians are worse because they forced you – under threat of prison – to pay taxes and to give them part of your earnings, while promising you that you would get it all back some day, when you were old and feeble. You believed them, so they let you live, while stealing most of what you worked so hard to produce. They kept you complacent with their promises. They promised you milk and honey when you got old. They promised you’d get back a lot more of your earnings than you turned over to them. They lied.

They don’t have your earnings that they robbed from you. They don’t have anything. They spent it all. They spent it on wars, their private jets, and their vacations and their thousand-dollar dinners. Your money is all gone. And if you had tried to save it yourself, they would have sent armed thugs to take what you had, and probably would have put you into one of their prisons, for trying to keep what you earned. You were in a lose-lose situation. They had the armed thugs, after all. If you did not believe and acquiesce to the promises, they had the guns and prisons.

You see, all they have is the power that their armed minions enforce with threats and killing. I thought the politicians might have lost hope that anyone would continue to believe their lies. But, just when I thought they would give up and come clean, they are making up even bigger lies now. I hope you don’t trust them anymore. “The jig,” as my uncle used to say, “is up.”

Now, caught out and caught short, the best they can do is offer you another Ponzi scheme, called health care, only this one is every so much more deadly than the retirement savings Ponzi plan. “Death panels” get to decide who gets to live, and who is left to die. Old, infirm, unproductive, crippled? Premature, congenital defects, impaired, unwanted? Welcome to the collective medical decisions made by people who can only continue their parasitic lives while they have sufficient numbers of healthy producers to sustain their parasitism. That oxymoron they call “social security” will get much less insolvent if a lot of old, infirm, crippled, weak, unproductive individuals are denied medical care based on “productivity” and are instead left to die. Fewer recipients for the promised returns, you see.

Remember how they decided they could take your home if you weren’t paying as much in taxes as they might get from someone else? Now, a bit of your personal property which is even more personal to you is about to be evaluated in the same way. That bit of personal property is your body. Who owns your body? If your body is not producing enough revenue for them, they can, under the plan they propose, withhold medical care for that body. Like that plan, do you?

They are counting on you. They are counting on you to see the personal benefits and to be ignorant of the lies. They are counting on you to see this as another way to beggar your neighbor, your parents, your grandparents, and that unwanted, unhealthy child that was born to that high school drop-out. They are counting on you being greedy, and on believing their lies. They are counting on you to willingly participate in hastening the demise of the cultural generation of our parents. They hope to rid themselves of people who remember compassion, freedom, liberty, caring, and personal responsibility. They are closing down a part of the culture of conscience. They hope to cull the few who wish to live in dignity, honesty, compassion, independence, and love.

They are counting on you being less attracted to love and loyalty than to a free lunch. They are counting on your greed outweighing your compassion. They are counting on you wanting the free lunch more than you want to be a loving, compassionate, responsible person. They are counting on you to turn on the television, turn off your conscience, and vote to get health care for yourself, and maybe some of your family. They are counting on you to ignore those pesky questions such as “who decides who gets care?” and “who is going to pay for this?”
They are counting on you lining up for your free handout, never asking who is paying for this, or how. They are counting on your greed outweighing your compassion.

They are counting on you going willingly into more slavery, for the pittance of the occasional medical treatment. They are counting on you to turn over control of your body, your health, and your life to them. What do you call this, if not slavery?

Humans, as a species, are compassionate. Humans, as individual people, care for those who are elderly, crippled, infirm, weak, or defenseless. Do you realize that most humans never threaten anyone, never kill or maim anyone, never try to steal their neighbor’s wages? That most of us would not steal from each other to help someone else? We would ante up from our own pocket. But there are living organisms which make their living feeding on others. A few living organisms have schemed to live off the rest of us. They send us off to kill people we don’t know, or to be killed. They send us to wars we don’t care about. They pretend it is a moral, compassionate decision. But how many of them offer their lives, their fortunes, or their children for these wars? How many of them rely for their old age, for their medical care, for their defense, on the same Ponzi schemes they foist off on us? Where is there retirement account? Where do they get medical care? Where do their children go to school? Who protects them?

A few living organisms have been able to tell lies that sounded like promises, and tricked us into handing over more than half of what we have worked so hard to earn. A few living organisms feed on the productive, peaceful humans. These are called parasites.

Yet, many of us don’t seem to be buying into the whole greed paradigm that the parasites want to foist upon us once again. We seem more interested in truth, in compassion, and in living as responsible humans. I meet a lot of people who are now convinced that they must keep their elderly parents at home, rather than turn them over to the care of government-financed facilities. I meet a lot of people who are keeping their children out of government schools, rather than turning them over to government indoctrination. And I am meeting a lot of people who have decided to practice wellness living, rather than rely on the government to fix their health mistakes.

When we talk, I find among these people a strong sense of self-responsibility, compassion to care for those who cannot care for themselves, and a profound distrust against anything a politician tells them. Politicians are, after all, among those who feed on productive humans.

So, I must ask the question: Are you a human, or a parasitic organism?

If you are human, are you going to be a free person, or a shuffling, sycophantic, slave of the political parasitism of government by force?

Iloilo Marguerite Jones


September 7, 2009