Means of Inquiry is devoted to effective inquiry of concepts and institutions, for the purpose of identifying and resolving complex contradictions, for the result of advancing knowledge and beneficial human activity.

Means of Inquiry can efficiently manifest solutions to human-caused problems.

The human mind thinks by the process of questions and answers, that is, identifying and resolving specific contradictions.

Throughout human history, recognizably wise people have suggested that people seek the questions, not the answers, while the vast majority of people seek the answers to hasty and ineffective questions. Frustration, social conflict, and absence of effective knowledge therefore yet reign.

The test of time indicates a common aversion to questions among institutional decision makers, within the design of the human mind otherwise predicated on the process of asking and answering questions to solve problems.

Understanding the human mind’s biological, personal, and public reactions to questions reveals an effective means of inquiry to identify and resolve complex contradictions and problems. The solutions to complex social problems therefore become evident, to the extent of their available implementation, sustainable against all questions and their results.

By design of the human mind, itself understood by asking effective questions, the formulation of effective questions is that which advances the mind’s knowledge. The process of forming effective questions, selecting words that hold their meanings, is that which illuminates the answers. The answers serve only as questionable conclusions useful for forming each next more effective question in a series. The answers are questioned until no question of a concluding answer is identifiable. Therefore all contradictions are resolved.

The functional resolution of complex contradictions is identified by a series of knowledgeably related questions, progressively resolving contradictions purposefully identified by each prior answer. Therein, with the understanding and use of controlling contradictions and controlling concepts, the concluding answer resolves all prior contradictions, that is, leaves no question not already answered on reviewable record of the process. The process is not understood by those people who seek concluding answers from single questions or not effectively related questions.

By design of the questions which include those regarding human opposition, the solutions to the problems can be manifested regardless of human opposition, with said opposition concurrently defeated by any adverse reaction to the solution.

While the process involved is as old as the invention of language, albeit used with inordinate rarity and only by the most curious minds, Means of Inquiry is a new organization as of year 2006, formed to use the process for advancement of beneficial public policy and knowledge.

Means of Inquiry is currently working on certain projects related to individual rights and social conflicts. It may be available for other projects of inordinate complexity and public benefit, at your suggestion or support.

Means of Inquiry is a 501.c.3 corporation, to which tax deductible donations may be made.

Iloilo Marguerite Jones, President
Means of Inquiry
Post Office Box 268
Medicine Lake, Montana 59247

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