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A famous GeoCache Story...

Two of the most famous geocaches were of such substance that the most militarily powerful nation in human history (therefore intellectually self-impaired) started two wars to find the caches, slaughtered thousands, destroyed city water, sewage, electricity, transportation, housing, hospital, schooling, food and commerce systems in several cities, and without finding either cache, continued the wars at cost of over one trillion dollars, the lives of more cannon fodder, the failure of its military veteran medical services system, and extended the wars to neighboring countries (as usual). That is the effect of geocaches, even the illusion of them. Iraq Saddam Hussein's illusion of hidden Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the cave of America's currently most demonized devil (Osama the Clever), will go down in history as the geocaches that fooled the American fools into their belated self-demise, much to the amusement of the observers. When the US government leaders Vice President Dick Cheney, his Side Kick George Bush, their Barak Obama and the Israeli war dogs, attack Iran, in pursuit of a nuclear geocache, the results will facilitate historians recording the fact that Saddam and Osama will have by that process defeated the clueless American presidents, their military industrial empire and their system of government that voided the US Constitution while Americans only whimpered in fear of their own government.

Amusing lot these humans. Would you not agree?

Be entertained by the rumors of what you geocache.