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UltimateGeoCache.net cache #1

1. Name: DougBuchanan.com
2. Town: Fairbanks, Alaska
3. Region item cached: Interior Alaska
4. Year item cached: 2006
5. Item: Small recent artwork, signed and dated, with a dated information sheet.
6. Container size and description: Capped aluminum tube, inside a capped ABS black plastic tube, inside a larger capped ABS black plastic tube. About 16 inches long, 4 inch diameter. Outside surface engraved with date. No number.
7. Comment: It is under a rock, at the edge of a chair size rock. A rock you might normally sit on if you were standing beside it enjoying the spectacular view. After sawing open the container, the finder may smile, look around, and say: "Cool". An Alaskan adventurer of year 2006 would do so.


UltimateGeoCache.net cache #2

1. Name: IloiloJones.com
2. Town: Helena, Montana
3. Region item cached: Central Western Montana
4. Year item cached: 2010
5. Item: A humble stash of gold and silver, but enough to qualify for an Ultimate GeoCache because Bush and Obama have printed the US dollar down to scant value, to fund their bankrupting Presidential Ego Gratification wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, if not more before the US Dollar (Federal Reserve Notes) goes to 0, and the US is left as a third world country with opulent houses that nobody can afford to maintain.
6. Container size and description: A nice decorative tea can, in a few zip lock bags.
7. Comment: It is in a pine forest. There is a lot of pine forest in Montana. It is under trees pondering what Ents ponder. Near the Divide of Montana, where snow can fall any day of the year. It is under a rock. There are a lot of rocks in Montana. A pretty rock. There are a lot of pretty rocks in Montana. Be careful. There are rattle snakes under a lot of rocks in Montana, especially in pine forest. Timber rattlers. Known to eat stray dogs, and little kids lost in the forest. It is where fairies play, according to the Troll Business Plan (manifesting gold).


UltimateGeoCache.net cache #3

Your name, etceteras, here.....





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